2021 - 1999 = 22 years of history

Everything started with a small PHP software but with a big passion. Building one of the most popular and powerful email marketing app and power-up thousands of companies all around the world and help them make money.

22 years ago a small PHP software which sends an email to a multiple recipients was born. Since then, our softwares are powering up thousands of businesses in 100+ countries.

Our goal is just the same. Delivering the best solutions to businesses to run their own email related businesses. Octeth customers have made three digit millions of dollars so far and we are proud to be part of this success.

In 22 years, we have helped to thousands of business owners all around the world to grow their businesses. From United States to Australia, thousands of business owners from 80+ countries use Oempro every day to send emails and manage their lists.

Oempro is being used by 4000+ customers in 80 countries worldwide

Octeth is the owner of the following companies and services:

  • Sendloop, a leading self-service email marketing service
  • Oempro, the popular email marketing and ESP software
  • SenderSuite, email delivery gateway service and software
  • DeliveryIPMonitor, IP black list and reputation monitoring service and software
  • PreviewMyEmail (acquired by SMTP, Inc. back in January'13)

Octeth has been founded by Cem Hurturk and Mert Hurturk. Octeth is highly profitable and privately held software development company.

Let's develop the best web apps together

We are obsessive with developing easy-to-use and cool web apps that solves real problems. Are you like-minded? Come and say hi to us!

Available Positions In Our Team

PHP/Python Developer

Do you call yourself as a highly experienced PHP or Python developer? Do you hate writing repeating codes? Are you in love with frameworks and do you always try to find a better and faster way to achieve your goal? You might be the right one for our team.

Say hi to us via careers-developer@octeth.com

Support Experts

Our success depends on how much we make our customers happy. We are looking for new team members for our customer support operations. On a regular day, you will be replying 30-50 support emails and updating help articles based on customer feedback. PHP, JavaScript and web experience is a must-have.

Say hi to us via careers-support@octeth.com