Auto-upgrade feature will be removed starting from v4.6.1

Since v4.1 release, Oempro includes “auto-upgrade” feature which can be executed from the admin area and it downloads the most recent Oempro version from Octeth servers, upgrades both files and databases automatically without any interaction.

However, we noticed that it’s causing problems more than benefits. Oempro is an on-premise software which runs on customers servers and we are unable to control the environment it runs. There are thousands of environment possibilities and it’s almost impossible to make it problem-free.

Therefore, starting from Oempro v4.6.1, auto-upgrade feature will be disabled. Oempro owners will be able to upgrade their versions by following the standard procedure which contains the following steps:

  1. Download the most recent Oempro version from the client area
  2. Unzip and upload to your server
  3. Run the upgrade utility

Any questions or comments? Feel free to discuss in comments.

4 thoughts on “Auto-upgrade feature will be removed starting from v4.6.1

  1. Also, the previous upgrade to 4.6.0 made changes to the configuration file. For e.g. HTACCESS_ENABLED revert back to false in our install and memory_limit set to 512M, etc. You may add this point in upgrade guide so that we will remember to make changes to the configuration file after upgrade.

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