Email relaying services for users who don’t want to struggle with delivery problems

Email delivery is the most difficult task when it comes to email broadcasting. If you are sending an email to a few tens of people, you will not notice any difficulties. You can even send through your very own Gmail account.

But when it comes to send an email to a few hundred, thousand of ten thousands of email addresses, the email deliverability comes into the play and has a direct role over your email marketing success.

What ROI you will get from your email marketing will depend on how you manage your email deliverability.

This is a task which requires a great know-how experience, full-time dedicated monitoring, good ISP relations and know what to do when your delivery IP addresses have trouble such as black listing, grey listing, etc.

If you are running an ESP such as, then it’s wiser to have a full-time email delivery team which will monitor your mail servers, throttle delivery based on responses from target servers and keep your deliverability maximised.

But what about end-users who just want to send an email to their audiences? Keeping email delivery in-house will cost them much more than outsourcing it to professionals.

Oempro supports third party SMTP service relaying. This means, you can setup SMTP delivery method and let Oempro relay your emails through a third party SMTP service. To help you get started, we have listed some of the most popular email relaying services below:

You can send emails through any of these relaying services even you host Oempro on your own servers. In this way, you will not need to spend even a second on delivery problems and leave this difficult job to experts.

As a side note, you can setup different SMTP servers for each user group and split the delivery load to different third party services.

10 thoughts on “Email relaying services for users who don’t want to struggle with delivery problems

  1. Hi Marcel,

    I didn’t add it to the list because Oempro doesn’t send through SES at the moment, but yes, SES is also a good alternative.

    Thanks for the heads up :)

    1. Thanks for making that clear. You should really add SES as it grows very fast these days. Would be interesting :)

    1. Brett, Oempro can send emails through any relaying service which supports SMTP protocol. You can use almost all relaying services. We will continue to cover more services in coming updates, such as Amazon SES. Cheers.

  2. I will love to have full integration with they have same price as Amazon SES and much better than SES. More and more customers will use Oempro if we have more SMTP services fully integrated.

    Hope to see Mailgun integration on next release :) for sure you guys can make full integration on couple of hours.


  3. That’s a really good news Cem
    Can’t wait to see this feature with and as i said in one of our private email discussion more and more want to move to self hosted but they have no idea how to do with Power MTA so these full integration’s with other SMTP services are like GOLD mine for people like us. Even Amazon SES more and more is looking to have full integrated with professional email newsletter but we do not have so many alternatives so Oempro is best choice if we can have these SMTP fully integrated.


  4. Hi Catalin

    We are using OEMPro currently and have decided to use SES to send the mails for various reasons. Can we use the SMTP option to configure sending of mails through SES?

    Other options are very expensive comparitively.



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