Landing Page Builder plugin for Oempro is released!

Okay, I must admit that this plugin was the most exciting plugin for us. We have been working on the backend of this plugin for a year and now it’s available for production!

Email Marketing is all about conversions. Without conversions, running email marketing campaigns is meaningless. You sell a product, you collect leads, you sell a service or you simply encourage your email recipients to contact you.

No matter what kind of conversion you are planning, pages that are linked from your emails are important and key factor on your conversions! Without a highly optimized and targeted website pages, those who click links inside your email will less convert.

Now you have a solution for your self and for your users. Landing Page Builder plugin will let you and your users to create awesome landing pages in just minutes, without coding a single HTML line. Simply drag and drop content blocks, build your landing page, edit the copywriting and that’s all.

Landing Page Builder plugin for Oempro

It’s so easy to use, it doesn’t require any programming or HTML skills to make landing pages.

If you are running email marketing service business over Oempro, then this plugin will be a great value added service for your customers and users. If you are using Oempro for your own use, you will be able to create landing pages for your email marketing campaigns on the fly.

Briefly, Landing Page Builder will save your and your users’ money and time…

To learn more, please visit the Landing Page Builder plugin page

For user guide, please visit the help article

14 thoughts on “Landing Page Builder plugin for Oempro is released!

  1. Am trying out the trial, however, once uploaded to the plugin directory and openeing up plugins in the backend, it is not there. Any Ideas?

  2. standing ovation to Cem, Mihir, Nihan, and all the oempro sales and support team for the hard work they are doing to give us step by step good improvement and new awesome features. can’t wait next plugins
    just bought it!
    thank you

  3. Hi Octeth Team,

    Kindly advise on how to insert custom field (not email only) in landing page builder?


    1. Hi Luca, it causes a misunderstanding that those plugin features are included in Oempro. You can download the trial versions of all our plugins.

  4. It’d be great if you could apply some of this logic to the email template builder as it could be a little easier to use.


  5. Hello Guys

    Please don’t lose the momentum, its been a month since the last update, keep the great plugin and version 5 coming :)

    1. No worries Octa, we are getting prepared for Oempro v4.7, Login Blocker and Multi-threaded Send Engine plugin releases, that’s why we are silent :)


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