Login Blocker plugin for Oempro is released

Our latest Oempro plugin – Login Blocker Plugin –  brings another security level to Oempro. As being the system owner (admin), you can now set failed login attempt thresholds for admin, user and client areas separately and block suspicious visitors on your system.

In addition to this security feature, you can also block access to your system from specific countries. (This feature requires GeoIP2 database).

Login Blocker is 100% free and open source. You can download it from Oempro Plugin Store and install it in seconds. To learn more and download, please visit Login Blocker plugin store page.

4 thoughts on “Login Blocker plugin for Oempro is released

  1. Thank you for this!
    btw is this need the salt password method to be enable?
    cause I have problems with the salted and right now I don’t want to enable it


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