Make email design testing easy for your users

Designing an email,which will be shown same on all popular email clients is a difficult, and time taking process. Making a change on your email design and testing it across all email clients.

To make this process easy and straight forward, offers a unique service. You can test your email on 44+ email clients (including Hotmail, Gmail, iPhone and many more) within a minute. You will save your valuable time.

The good news is, Oempro is fully integrated with PreviewMyEmail. You can integrate your PreviewMyEmail account with Oempro and run email design tests within Oempro. When creating your Oempro campaign, you can pass your email from PreviewMyEmail’s email design testing service with a single click .

There are many use cases for Oempro and PreviewMyEmail integration:

For email marketing service providers;

  • Offer email design testing service to your Oempro users
  • Charge them for extra fee to use this feature
  • Provide free access to this feature to differentiate your self from competitors

For email marketers;

  • Save your time when previewing and testing your email on different email clients
  • Get screen shots of your email on different email clients within a few minutes, with a single click
  • Optimize your email design to be compatible with all popular email clients

How Oempro and PreviewMyEmail integration work?

Quite straight forward. Visit sign-up page and open a free account. Your account will be ready in a few seconds. Then login to your PreviewMyEmail account.

On the top right, click “Plan Information” link:

PreviewMyEmail Account Upgrade Plan link
Account Upgrade Plan link

On the account plan subscription page, scroll down to “Oempro” section and click the big yellow Subscribe button:

Plan Subscription
Plan Subscription

Once you complete the plan subscription payment process, your API key will be generated for you. This API key can be gathered from your Account Information page:

Account Information link
Account Information link

Copy your API key:

PreviewMyEmail API Key
PreviewMyEmail API Key

Now, login to your Oempro admin area and click “Settings” link on the top right:

Oempro Admin Settings
Oempro Admin Settings

Click “Integration” settings option on the left side:

Integrations Option
Integrations Option

Paste your PreviewMyEmail API key and hit the update button:

PreviewMyEmail API Key Setting
PreviewMyEmail API Key Setting

Once you enter and save your PreviewMyEmail integration settings, a hidden feature will be unlocked. Your users will see “Design Test” button when creating a new email campaign (in review step). Once they click that link, Oempro will pass the email through PreviewMyEmail in the backend and display real screen shots taken from 40+ email clients.

Watch the following video to see how email design testing process works:

This ScreenFlow video requires a more recent version of the Adobe Flash Player to display. Please update your version of the Adobe Flash Player.


To activate this unique feature, simply head over to and sign-up for an account.

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