Multi-Threaded Send Engine Plugin for Oempro is released

Sending high-volume emails in a timely manner is always a problem. Especially, if you (or your customer) is sending hundred thousands of emails, this may take considerable amount of time…

Multi-Threaded Send Engine comes into the play at this point. You can dramatically boost your email sending speed with this unique plugin. This is a must-have plugin for ESP’s and high-volume senders.

Watch the following performance test comparing the standard send engine with the Multi-Threaded Send Engine plugin on a VirtualBox environment with 1 core, 512MB RAM, CentOS with PowerMTA.

For more information about Multi-Threaded Send Engine, visit the plugin page here.

8 thoughts on “Multi-Threaded Send Engine Plugin for Oempro is released

  1. Hi,

    This plugin seems great and i have 2 questions about it:

    1- Does it work with any open-source MTA like Postfix for example? Or does it only works with Port25 PowerMTA commercial software?

    2- Is there any advantage of using this plugin in case of using a external smtp service like Sendgrid for example?


    1. Hello,

      (1) Yes, it works with any MTA (local or remote MTA) with SMTP protocol.

      (2) Yes, you can use this plugin with a third party relaying service like Sendgrid, but be careful. They may have a limit on number of simultaneous connections that can be made.

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