Oempro v4.6 has been released

Hi Everyone,

We are happy to announce the release of Oempro v4.6. This release includes bug fixes as well as some new features. The detailed change log will be published at http://octeth.com/oempro/docs/version_log/460/ in a few days.

Below, you can find the summary of changes in v4.6 release. In the meantime, we are working on our new website as well as new Oempro documentation, all these changes will be ready in a week.

Oempro v4.6 changes

  • Amazon SES delivery method option in global settings as well as user group settings
  • Mailjet.com delivery method option in global settings as well as user group settings
  • Mailgun.com delivery method option in global settings as well as user group settings
  • “Resend email campaign” feature which will let you to copy and resend an already sent email campaign with a single mouse click (#172)
  • Unsubscription link improvement (#150)
  • _CampaignDate_ tag has been added to archive public pages (#159)
  • Performance tweaks for database and user interface
  • Improved security for passwords (#155)
  • Innodb database tables
  • FIXED: Forward to friend and password reset emails problem (#173)

For any questions about upgrading your Oempro, please contact our support team via support@octeth.com

Stay tuned for the coming updates with cool new features.

22 thoughts on “Oempro v4.6 has been released

  1. Hi, it is very good to see that oempro is still alive but is it still oriented to the esp business ? Will the upcoming new features announce in this post still include improvements of esp features of oempro?

  2. Awesome news and awesome features guys
    Now only one feature is missing :( mandrill.com integration

    Any news when mandrill will be integrated?


  3. Hi there,just wondering if it’s possible to send messages to those who have not opened the sent message? I asked because I couldn’t find that on the version 4.6 features.


  4. Dear Sirs:

    Does your software differs from interspire when it comes to inbox deliverability?

    You do not have any opened emails reports any more?


    1. Esam, email deliverability is something related to your email delivery reputation, list hygiene and most importantly it’s related to your mail server setup, how you send emails (speed, balancing, etc.) and IP reputation. Oempro and all other similar softwares are frontend softwares which render email and delivers to your mail server. It’s your mail server job to delivery them to recipients. Therefore, please check this with your mail server settings and mail server provider.

  5. Can OEM pro 100% support and fully functional run under https ? Because I ever used others some has minor tracking bugs when run under https.

    And can my customer auto sign up the account from website frontend? And activated after subscription payment made.

    I am considering the EMS license promotion now before 31 Dec end. Hope for your reply sooner.

    1. Hello, yes, you can use Oempro under https without any problem.

      Oempro has a full featured API, therefore you can integrate the user signup process to your website frontend in anyway you want. For any questions, feel free to get in touch with us via hello@octeth.com

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