Oempro v4.7 released

We are excited to announce Oempro v4.7 release, which comes with a series of new features in addition to improvements and bug fixes.

You can learn more about the new features of Oempro v4.7 on our new “Whats new?” page.

Some key new features are;

Users and administrator can connect and call API commands with API keys instead of username/password. This brings another layer of security for API connections. Each user can create and manage multiple API keys for different integrations.

Mobile device ready JavaScript charts instead of Flash charts. Yes, that’s right, this was one of the most popular feature requests in our pool and it’s finally available in Oempro.

Personalization tags for custom email headers will make email tracking much easier for admins.

Oempro API can now be extended inside plugins. This is another popular new feature request which lets third party plugin developers to add their own API calls inside plugins.

In addition to these cool new features, several bugs have been fixed and improvements have been made. You can learn more about the changes on Oempro’s What’s New page.

Existing Oempro owners can download v4.7 release from the client area.

17 thoughts on “Oempro v4.7 released

  1. Ok great, but where has the changelog page gone for 4.7? I need to which language files have been changed.


  2. Thank you very much guys,
    we know you are working hard to deliver best solution and we appreciate that.
    we wish you many many success with that new release

  3. Wow the new Multi-API key support for API calls is Awesome!
    I’m not developer but i believe it should be making any type of integration way more easy :)

    Kudos !

  4. Hi, I’m here again asking about the RSS features! You told about releasing in this version. What happend? was it delay??

    1. Hello Raoni, our dev team is working on a brand new RSS feature which will allow you to send blog updates whenever there’s a new blog post. Stay tuned.

  5. Amazing! I absolutely cannot wait. I hope it is customizable, and built on something standard like base bootstrap. Thank you for the fast reply!

  6. Hello:

    In new versions is not posible to traslate the unsubscribe button text in unsubscribe page confirmation. Please fix this.



  7. Hi,

    Do you have any news on the version 5 with a drag and drop template editor?
    Are you guys planning to create a survey plugin(or something smilar) too?


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