What’s next week?

Before ending the week, here’s a quick update about the next week:

  • Oempro v4.6.4 release (minor update, bug fixes, new plugin hooks and small improvements)
  • Email Automation plugin v1.1 (new delivery methods such as SMTP, Mandrill and PowerMTA)
  • Smart Subscribe plugin v1.0.1 (minor update, small fixes)
  • Plugin Store Publisher Terms and Agreement

In addition to these four updates, we will be finalizing the development of the Landing Page Builder plugin for Oempro. An amazing plugin which will let Oempro users to create cool landing pages for their email campaigns.

We wish you a great weekend. Cheers.

17 thoughts on “What’s next week?

  1. Awsome News, can’t wait for the Landing Page Builder ..
    I hope it will be ready in 2 weeks :)

    Cheers to all Octeth Team

    1. Yes, you will be able to create lead capturing forms which will be linked to subscriber lists in Oempro.

      A/B testing will not be available in the first version release. We may decide to add this feature in the future based on user feedback.

    2. Thanks – Definitely will stay tuned !
      I hope you guys also provided ready made multiple responsive landing page template by default with some of them mobile friendly.
      Plus the ability to add social sharing widgets / social sharing buttons (Add Twitter, Facebook Share or Like, LinkedIn’s Share Button, Google+ and Pinterest’s Pin It Button) to the pages will makes perfect.

  2. Hello-
    how i can find more information for lead capture page on your system … is it lead capture page cteator ???

    Thanks in advance !!!

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