WHMCS and email marketing software integration

WHMCS is one of the most popular key-solution for client management, billing and support platform for any kind of online businesses.

Now, Oempro is integrated with WHMCS. You can pass new created client account email addresses to your Oempro powered subscriber mail list automatically. You will simply need to install the WHMCS add-on for Oempro which is available at Github.

We hope you like it.

11 thoughts on “WHMCS and email marketing software integration

  1. Got happy there for a second as I though one can submit orders to oempro and it will create teh user under a certain group.

    The above just makes me giggle, nothing we oempro users already have developed ourselves.

  2. Can this add-on pass customers depending on their language? Such as English to and English list, French to a French list… ?

  3. Brilliant, The whmcs is extraordinary for customer administration and billing hotspot for online business and the oempro is additional facility of whmcs. This is extremely excellent idea….good.

  4. Well it can be make my work much easy to have in and it would also provide me the basics multi solutions manage my billing listings and it also save my more work to complete my other business tasks. This software also helps me to safe my client ids and the basics information all about them.

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