Administrator’s Guide

Observing System Stats & Reports

Now that we have seen most of the admin functions and have learnt to create the necessary user groups as well users we will take an overview of how the system stats and reports are organized within Oempro. The system stats and reports are thoroughly organized within Oempro. When you login to your admin area – you are redirected to the Overview page of the Oempro system. The overview page will give you several details about the system such as delivery forecast , delivery history, number of active users, currently online users, top bounces, top spam complaints and campaign pending Read more

License & Service Info

In order to check your license and the service information you will need to go to your admin area and navigate to Settings > License & Service Info. This will give you an overview of your oempro license and the support/service subscription validity. There are several different levels of licenses available for oempro from single user to multiple users – In case if you want to upgrade or purchase more users you can use the link next to the service subscription to do so. If your support / services subscription has expired – you must renew it in order to Read more

Managing User Groups

User groups are basically used to categories users and their limits, in other words you can consider this as a subscription plan which will allow your user to use resources as per the user group [plan] settings. Using these groups you can customize parameters and settings for every group including the product name, logout urls, interface, delivery method, x-mailer headers etc. You can also impose limits and the import thresholds to keep users in control and ensure that they will not utilize anything beyond their limits. Once you install Oempro – by default it creates a user group called “Default Read more

Uploads & Media Library Setup

Oempro offers several options for the storage of uploaded attachments and media files which can be used with the email campaigns sent by your users. In order to setup these options go to Settings > Uploads & Media Library. This tab offers the ability to customize how the uploaded files are stored – you can store them on the server, database or Amazon S3 storage. Upload to Server This option will be selected by default and all the images, attachments will be uploaded to a folder on the server where Oempro is hosted. Upload to Database This option will help Read more

System Rebranding

Oempro provides easy rebranding capabilities. You can easily rebrand the product name, header & footer of “Forward to friend page”, “Abuse Page”, “User Sign up Page” and logout page customization for “Subscriber Area”. To customize these options go to Settings > Rebranding Product Name You can change this to a suitable name and all the interface references to Oempro will be replaced with this new product name. Forward to Friend Page Header URL You can customize the header for forward to friend page – enter the URL starting with “http://”. Example: Footer URL You can customize the footer for Read more

System Preferences

Oempro allows you to customize the default user interface language, usage of captcha protection in admin/user areas and other related options. To set these preferences go to Settings > Preferences Default Language: This will allow you to choose the appropriate default language which will be used to render public sections (ex: login screens, operation success screens) etc. Admin Captcha Enable this function to shown CAPTCHA verification image for administrators area login screen. If you are using the API to make the calls to Oempro – it is important to turn off your captcha settings for admin area. User Captcha Enable Read more

Plug-ins Overview

Oempro architecture is flexible and it can be extended by creating plug-ins – the developer details for plug-in development are covered in a separate topic. In this chapter we will basically go through the flow on activating or de-activating the plug-ins provided by Octeth. There are three plug-ins available – out of the three two plug-ins are paid versions and you will need to buy them. The translator plug-in is a free version which can be downloaded from your client area and can be installed.   To activate your plug-ins go to Settings > Plug-ins If you have the plug-in Read more

Integration with Previewmyemail

Oempro provides a ready integration with service and Google Analytics. Go to Settings > Integrations Once you are within the integrations menu you will be able to configure the options as shown in the below screenshot.   You can integrate Oempro with the most popular and free website analytics service Google Analytics by setting parameters such as Source Keyword and Medium keyword. Source Keyword Enter the keyword you wish to identify Oempro email campaigns within the Google Analytics Account Medium Keyword Enter the medium (Ex: Email) to classify your Oempro email campaigns within the Google Analytics Account. service Read more