Getting Started


This topic will cover everything related to the data segmentation from your mailing lists. Learn how relevancy drives response and the various different ways you can split up your email lists to ensure you hit the target more often. Segmentation of your address database is widely regarded as a proven way to improve responses and results. To create and manage segments go to “Lists” Click on the mailing list you wish to create segments for Now click on the “Segments” link under the List Options After you click “Create Segment” link you should see the above screen. Enter the name Read more

Custom Fields

This topic will cover everything related to the Custom fields. For effective email marketing custom fields play a very important part. This can help you not only to personalize the content of your newsletter but also can help you gather vital and important information about your subscribers. There are two types of custom fields offered by Oempro * Local custom fields [added specifically for a particular list] * Global custom fields [added globally and available for all the lists] To add a new custom field go to the “Lists” tab Select the mailing list you wish to add new custom Read more

List Settings

In the previous topics we went through the steps for creating new mailing list, the creation process is simple although the mailing lists have their own intricate settings which can be fine tuned to achieve greater capabilities and sophistication. Oempro allows you to configure your mailing lists in a highly sophisticated manner with the subscription behaviors, un-subscription behaviors, web services integration and other related options. List Name You can update your list name to any other name which is suitable for the list Subscription Type You can make the list single opt-in or double opt-in by selecting the correct option Read more

Setting up your first mailing list

Oempro offers an easy way to create and manage mailing lists. In this chapter we will take a look at creating your first mailing list. Before we proceed to create our first mailing list we need to understand two key concepts. Single Opt-in Mailing List Email addresses on a (single) opt-in list are not confirmed. Anybody can submit anybody’s address to the list, and it will be there until it is unsubscribed Double Opt-in Mailing List On a double opt-in list, all email addresses must be confirmed before they are added. A request for confirmation is sent to the submitted Read more

About Oempro

In order to get more information about the installed oempro version, database and file integrity you need to navigate through Settings > About after logging on to admin area. Software Information This tab provides detailed information about the oempro version, license information and the copyright information. System Information This gives you an overview of whether your server is compatible with oempro or not and whether there are any issues with the php, apache or any other required modules for oempro which are necessary for the smooth functioning of the software. Database Check This tab will allow you to get more Read more

Cron Setup

CRON Jobs (Scheduled Tasks in Windows) are used to trigger certain commands periodically. Oempro uses cron jobs extensively to automate some processes such as email sending, auto responder sending and list synchronization. This guide will describe how to setup both CRON (in *nix/Mac OS X/Linux) and Scheduled Tasks (in Windows) step by step. Oempro comes with 4 main cron modules. General processes Email campaign send engine Auto responder send engine List synchronization Bounce handling (POP3 method) SPAM complaint handling (POP3 method) Email request handling (POP3 method)   Oempro CRON and email piping methods (described in the next chapter) are located Read more

System Requirements

We have tried our best to make Oempro work on all kinds of platforms. We have listed out the default settings required for Oempro installation to function properly. If your server meets the following requirements (most of them are default settings), Oempro will run on your server: Server Side Requirements Server Linux/Unix, Windows or Mac OS X Web Server Apache, Microsoft IIS or any similar web server PHP Version PHP v5.1 or above with Ioncube Loaders PHP Extensions imap extension — for POP3 bounce processing curl extension — for remote content fetching PHP Settings safe_mode — should be turned OFF Read more


Thank you for choosing Oempro. To help you get up and running quickly, we have prepared some easy instructions for installing, configuring and using Oempro on your server. Before You Begin If you encounter any problems or have any questions during reading this user guide, please feel free to get in touch with us by opening a ticket. Follow Us To get notified instantly about latest announcements, special opportunities and update released, follow us on twitter and join to our LinkedIn community group: twitter @octeth twitter @oempro LinkedIn About This Guide We did our best to keep the user guide Read more