Installation & Upgrade

Resetting user passwords

However, asking your users to reset their passwords can be a real headache. To simply this process, we included a script in Oempro package which will scan all user accounts, reset their passwords and email them new passwords. To run this script, simply login to the server which hosts Oempro via SSH or telnet. After logging in, go into the Oempro directory. You will see “extras” directory. Go into “extras” directory. In “oempro/extras” directory, there’s a file named as “prfau.php”. Edit this file and comment the “exit” line on the top of the code. Then run this PHP script on Read more

Setting up a CentOS server on Linode or DigitalOcean for Oempro

Introduction Oempro is the most popular email marketing and email service provider software. With Oempro, you can build your very own email marketing service just like Sendloop or Mailchimp. Today, starting up a web startup is easy and costs you a few hundred dollars. We thought that it should be just the same for building your very own ESP. In this article, we will explain you how to build an application server on Linode or DigitalOcean to host Oempro for your email service provider business. Linode and DigitalOcean are two proven, cost-effective and highly powerful Linux Virtual Server companies. Using Read more

Moving Oempro from one server to another

It is possible that you may want to test the water before actually moving your Oempro to a production level server and in similar scenario you will require to move your test installation to a production level server. We have listed the steps to achieve this. Backup your Oempro directory and database in case of a problem Move your Oempro directory to the new location Set directory and file permissions to 777 for /data/* Edit /data/ and update settings based on new server parameters Move your Oempro database to the new location Login to admin area Check settings Remove Oempro Read more

Upgrade Guide

In order to upgrade your old Oempro version to the latest Oempro v4 version, you need to have Oempro v4.0.0 or higher installed. Unfortunately, Oempro v3, Oempro v2 and Oempro v1 versions can not be upgraded to the latest Oempro version. Manual Upgrade Instructions Follow these easy steps to complete your upgrade: Backup your Oempro directory on the server Backup your Oempro database on the server Download the latest Oempro version from your client area Unzip and upload all latest version Oempro files to your Oempro directory on the server Run the upgrade tool which can be found at Read more

Friendly URL’s

Friendly URLs allow you and your users to use Oempro with nice and clean URLs.


Oempro is a leading PHP based Enterprise Grade Email Marketing solution – which can be used by small and medium sized companies as well the ESP (Email Service Provider) edition can be used for large providers wanting to start their own Email Marketing Services business. Oempro also provides a robust api which can be used to perform many backend functions to create users, campaigns, mailing lists etc. The next topic is the installation plan and we will create a check list and take a look at the pre-requisites required for the Oempro installation. Installation Plan These steps should be followed Read more