Multi-Threaded Send Engine Plugin

Multi-Threaded Send Engine plugin makes Oempro even more powerful and fast for handling high-volume email deliveries. This is a critical operation for ESPs. Especially the ones who need to send high-volume email in a very limited time, it’s almost impossible to achieve this with the standard single-thread send engines. Oempro’s Multi-Threaded Send Engine plugin is the solution to your high-performance, high-volume email delivery needs. Instead of the standard 1 thread send engine worker, this plugin has capability to put multiple send engine workers in the play to send a single campaign. This multiplies the performance of both email rendering and Read more

Login Blocker Plugin

Login Blocker Plugin is a special Oempro plugin which lets you to detect repeating login attempts and block the access of those IP addresses and specific countries. It also provides you a detailed login attempt report in the admin area. In order to install the Login Blocker plugin, simply download the ZIP file from the plugin page and unzip it. Then upload octloginblocker directory to your Oempro’s /plugins directory. Login to your Oempro administration panel and go to “Settings > Plugins” section. On the plugin list, you will see that Login Blocker plugin is disabled. Click “Enable” link and that’s Read more

Landing Page Builder Plugin

Successful email marketing is not only sending emails that achieve high open rates. A success email marketing consists of email content with high open and click rates and a landing page that converts well. Landing Page Builder plugin will allow you and your users to build awesome landing pages without coding any single HTML line. By dragging and dropping content blocks, you will be able to create amazing landing pages that are also compatible with mobile devices (responsive). Technical requirements Landing Page Builder plugin requires Oempro v4.6.4 and higher versions. No additional modules/extensions are required. As long as you have Read more

Smart Subscribe Plugin

Smart Subscribe plugin adds highly effective widgets to your subscriber lists for nurturing your lists much faster. With this plugin, you can convert any link to one-click subscribe buttons or setup web page scroll triggered subscribe boxes. This help article explains how to install the Smart Subscribe Plugin and start using it. Technical requirements Smart Subscribe will work without any problem as long as you have a working Oempro. No additional modules/extensions are necessary on your server. On the web browser side, you need to have jQuery 1.9 or higher version loaded on your website pages. Downloading the plugin Smart Read more

Email Automation Plugin

Email Automation plugin enhances feature sets of Oempro and allows it to be a key solution for the next generation email marketing industry: Smart email marketing. The traditional email marketing is sending a bulk email to email addresses in your subscriber list. While this approach allows you to reach a wide audience, conversions are usually low. But the next generation “smart email marketing” allows you to send the right message, to the right person, at the right time. Email Automation plugin takes you to the next era. This help article explains how to install and get started with the Email Read more