Users Quick Start Guide

Campaign Statistics

Campaign statistics is very important aspect of any email marketing system, for a successful result oriented email marketing the marketeer should be able to understand the statistical data of their email campaign. Oempro provides an easy and a detailed statistical data related to your email campaign in real time as well after the campaign is sent. It allows you to track email open statistics, clicks statistics, forwards statistics, browser views, unsubscriptions, bounced back emails, spam complains about the particular campaign etc. To get the campaign statistics go to “Campaigns” Select the campaign which is already sent When you select the Read more

List Statistics

Oempro provides an easy way to manage the statistical data which can help you in making certain decisions on your marketing strategies. It also allows you to understand the different subscriber behaviors and patterns on subscriptions/unsubscriptions. To view the list statistics go to “Lists“ This will take you to the list browser – select the list you wish to view the statistics for. After you select the list – you should see the “Overview” of the mailing list. The below screen shot gives you the overview of your mailing list with the details such as Subscription / Un Subscription trends Read more

Statistical Data Analysis

It is very important to keep a check on the email marketing campaigns you are creating and their performance. Oempro integrates a very detailed statistical data analysis functions. Oempro will help you gather valuable information about the campaigns open ratio’s, link click ratio’s, subscriptions, unsubscriptions, forwards, bounced tracking etc. This data will allow you to basically inspect, cleanse and make necessary decision related to your email campaigns and strategy. The statistical data is divided into three different groups. List Statistics Member Statistics Campaign Statistics  

Managing Sub-Client Accounts

There are times when you are relaying or sending campaigns or emailers on behalf of your client. The client is keen on monitoring and watching the statistical data gathered by the campaign and is required to have an access which will help him/her to check the details pertaining to his/her campaigns. Oempro provides a built in sub-client account functionality which can be used to achieve this. To create a new sub-client account go to “Settings” Click on the “Clients” menu This screen will show you the existing sub-client accounts Click on the “Create Client” link. You will have to fill Read more

Managing Tags

As your business grows you will be sending more and more email marketing campaigns, managing these campaigns will become critical and you need an easy way to categories these campaigns. Oempro provides an easy to use tagging system which will allow you to tag your campaigns so that whenever you need some reference to your campaign you can use the tags to group them or search them effectively. This will help you reduce the time searching the old campaigns. To create and manage tags go to “Settings” Click on “Tags” Click on “Create Tag” This will create a pop up Read more

Creating & Managing Email Templates

Oempro provides an advanced email template builder which can help you reduce the time and effort to create high quality and flexible campaign emails. The new template builder will help you create sophisticated templates with editable regions [text only or html], regions which can be duplicated and regions which are linked with each other, all this is with a minimal knowledge of programming or html coding. In this chapter we will learn how to create new templates and manage the existing templates within your account. Creating a new email template Managing existing template Email templates are pre-defined html content files Read more

Campaign Preview

When you are done creating a campaign you can actually send a preview email to check how the campaign looks like – whether every element within the newsletter is rendering fine or whether all the fonts are looking as you expect them to. Oempro provides you two different ways to preview your email on the last step of the campaign email creation process By sending an email to one of your designated email id By previewing it on browser  

Email Content Analysis

Oempro provides an easy to use built in email content analysis tool. This tool is available when you are done creating your campaign email and are on the last step of previewing and saving the campaign. It analyses the inline css, css style tags and images within the email content. This analysis helps you optimize your newsletter content and make it even better.

Personalizing your Emails

Email personalization is a technique to make your emails more intuitive and also interesting which can help you increase your email open rate as well as success rate of your campaign. There is a huge difference between an email sent without any personal information and with personal information. If you address the recipient by his name instead of valued customer the recipient will feel better and the chances of him reading it is more than you address him as valued customer. Think about sending large amounts of personalized emails – if you have to do that manually it would take Read more