Multi-Threaded Send Engine Plugin

Multi-Threaded Send Engine plugin makes Oempro even more powerful and fast for handling high-volume email deliveries. This is a critical operation for ESPs. Especially the ones who need to send high-volume email in a very limited time, it’s almost impossible to achieve this with the standard single-thread send engines. Oempro’s Multi-Threaded Send Engine plugin is the solution to your high-performance, high-volume email delivery needs.

Instead of the standard 1 thread send engine worker, this plugin has capability to put multiple send engine workers in the play to send a single campaign. This multiplies the performance of both email rendering and delivering to your MTA.

In this article, you will learn how to install Multi-Threaded Send Engine on your Oempro and make it active for your email deliveries.

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Technical requirements

In addition to Oempro’s technical requirements, you also need to be sure that PHP’s APC extension is installed and “APC.enable_cli” option in php.ini file is set to “true”. On CentOS/RedHat Linux, you can easily install and enable APC by;

$ yum install php-apc

Downloading the plugin

The Multi-Threaded Send Engine plugin comes with 5-day trial which can be downloaded from the Plugin Store. To unlock all features and have a perpetual license, you can purchase the Multi-Threaded Send Engine plugin from our plugin store.

If you have purchased the Multi-Threaded Send Engine plugin, you can download it from the client area. If you are interested in the trial version, you can download it from the plugin store by clicking “Free Trial Download” button.

Installing plugin

Once the “” pluginĀ file is downloaded, locate it on your computer (usually in “Downloads” folder). Unzip it. You will see a directory named as “octsendengine”. Follow these steps now:

  1. Open your FTP program
  2. Connect to your web server which hosts Oempro
  3. Go to Oempro directory on your web server
  4. Go into “plugins” directory
  5. Upload the “octsendengine” directory inside “plugins” directory
  6. Check and be sure that /data/ directory inside Oempro has writeable file/directory permissions

Multi-Threaded Send Engine plugin is now uploaded to your Oempro. It’s time to activate and enable the plugin. Follow these steps:

  1. Login to your Oempro admin area
  2. Click “Plugins” link on the top menu drop down menu:
  3. On the plugin list page, find the “Multi-Threaded Send Engine Plugin”. It should be displayed with a label “Disabled” (1):
  4. Now click “Enable” link next to Multi-Threaded Send Engine Plugin. This is labeled as (2) above.
  5. Once “Enable” link is clicked, you will get an error message about the plugin license file:
  6. This error indicates that the “license_octsendengine.dat” file is missing inside Oempro’s /data/ directory. If you have purchased Multi-Threaded Send Engine plugin, this license file can be download from the client area. After downloading the plugin license file, simply upload it to Oempro’s /data/ directory. If you have downloaded the trial version, simply click “request a trial license” link on the error message. Plugin will request a trial license from Octeth and create the license file for you. Please note that only one plugin trial license can be generated for each Oempro license.

Once the plugin is enabled, you can see the “Multi-Threaded Send Engine” link on the left side menu of Oempro’s “Settings” section:


Setting up the Multi-Threaded Send Engine plugin

There are two configuration options for the plugin. They can be set by editing the plugin config file:

$ vi /path/to/oempro/plugins/octsendengine/data/config.php

Config options are;

OCTMTSE_MAX_CAMPAIGNSSet the maximum number of email campaigns to pickup and send simultaneously
(Default: 5)
OCTMTSE_MAX_THREADSSet the maximum number of threads which will be opened for each email campaign (Default: 10)

Starting the Multi-Threaded Send Engine

In order to use the Multi-Threaded Send Engine, you need to remove the Oempro’s default send engine from your server cron job list. In this way, Oempro’s default send engine will not get executed any more.

$ crontab -e

This command will let you edit the cron jobs set on your server. Simply find the cron job which executes Oempro’s default send engine. It should be something similar to:

* * * * * php /path/to/oempro/cli/send.php

Once it’s removed, you can add a new cron job which will execute the Multi-Threaded Send Engine:

* * * * * php /path/to/oempro/plugins/octsendengine/cli/send.php -t 10

The “-t ” parameter sets the maximum number of threads which can be opened for each email campaign. If you want Multi-Threaded Send Engine pickup and send multiple campaigns simultaneously, add multiple cron job lists. Here’s an example:

* * * * * php /path/to/oempro/plugins/octsendengine/cli/send.php -t 10
* * * * * php /path/to/oempro/plugins/octsendengine/cli/send.php -t 10
* * * * * php /path/to/oempro/plugins/octsendengine/cli/send.php -t 10
* * * * * php /path/to/oempro/plugins/octsendengine/cli/send.php -t 10

The above example can pickup 4 email campaigns simultaneously and open 10 threads for each email campaign (40 threads in total).


In the admin area, you can monitor the email campaigns that are being sent at the moment, users who have active email campaigns, email campaign delivery progress, performance benchmark for each campaign being sent and average performance benchmark.

Simply login to your administration panel and click the drop down arrow on the top menu and then click on “Send Engine” menu option:


Multi-Threaded Send Engine plugin will show you the details on a single page. Here’s an example:


Any questions or ideas?

We hope you like our Multi-Threaded Send Engine plugin. We designed it in such a way that it can be offered as a service to your customers, or you can use it for your own needs. It’s a quite powerful and valuable plugin for businesses, especially for ESP’s and high-volume senders.

For any questions and technical support request, please contact our support team via Please don’t forget to include your Oempro and Multi-Threaded Send Engine plugin license keys in your email.

For feature requests and ideas which you believe that they will make Multi-Threaded Send Engine plugin much better, please contact us via

Thank you.