This topic will cover everything related to the data segmentation from your mailing lists. Learn how relevancy drives response and the various different ways you can split up your email lists to ensure you hit the target more often.

Segmentation of your address database is widely regarded as a proven way to improve responses and results.

  • To create and manage segments go to “Lists”
  • Click on the mailing list you wish to create segments for
  • Now click on the “Segments” link under the List Options


  • After you click “Create Segment” link you should see the above screen.
  • Enter the name of your segment [example: Subscribers having gmail addresses]
  • Select whether the all rules you create should match or any one of them
  • The segment rules is the most important part. You can create a rule based on subscribers information or based on subscribers activity such as opening emails, clicking on the links etc.
You can add multiple rules to the segment such as the person should have email id and should be between 18-25 age group.

For this user manual we will use the rule for users. Once we populate the necessary fields and also add the rule where in the subscribers email id contains we have to click on the “create segment” button. This will create a segment with the options we selected.

Segment Gmail
The screenshot above shows us our newly created segment which consists 3 subscribers having email ids.