Smart Subscribe Plugin

Smart Subscribe plugin adds highly effective widgets to your subscriber lists for nurturing your lists much faster. With this plugin, you can convert any link to one-click subscribe buttons or setup web page scroll triggered subscribe boxes.

This help article explains how to install the Smart Subscribe Plugin and start using it.

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Technical requirements

Smart Subscribe will work without any problem as long as you have a working Oempro. No additional modules/extensions are necessary on your server.

On the web browser side, you need to have jQuery 1.9 or higher version loaded on your website pages.

Downloading the plugin

Smart Subscribe plugin comes with 5-day trial which can be downloaded from the Plugin Store. To unlock all features and have a perpetual license, you can purchase the Smart Subscribe plugin from our plugin store.
If you have purchased the Smart Subscribe plugin, you can download it from the client area. If you are interested in the trial version, you can download it from the plugin store by clicking “Free Trial Download” button.

Installing plugin

Once the “” plugin file is downloaded, locate it on your computer (usually in “Downloads” folder). Unzip it. You will see a directory named as “octsmartsubscribe”. Follow these steps now:

  1. Open your FTP program
  2. Connect to your web server which hosts Oempro
  3. Go to Oempro directory on your web server
  4. Go into “plugins” directory
  5. Upload the “octsmartsubscribe” directory inside “plugins” directory
  6. Check and be sure that /data/ directory inside Oempro has writeable file/directory permissions

Smart Subscribe plugin is now uploaded to your Oempro directory on the server. It’s time to activate the plugin and start using it right away.

  1. Login to your Oempro admin area
  2. Click “Plugins” link on the top drop down menu:
  3. On the plugin list, locate the “Smart Subscribe” plugin and click “Enable” link next to it.
  4. Once “Enable” link is clicked, you will see an error message on your screen, indicating that license file for the plugin is missing. If you have purchased Smart Subscribe plugin, this license file can be downloaded from your client area. Simply download the plugin license.dat file from your client area and upload it to your Oempro’s /data/ directory. If you have downloaded the trial version, simply click “Request a trial license” link. Plugin will request a trial license from Octeth and it will create the temporary license file for you.  Please note that only one plugin trial license can be generated for each Oempro license.

Smart Subscribe access privilege

Once the plugin is enabled, you will need to enable this plugin to user groups in the system. Otherwise, your users will not be able to use it. Simply click “User Groups” link inside Admin > Settings section. On the user group browse page, click on any user group and then click “Permissions” tab. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and check “Smart Subscribe” check box to enable access for users in this group.

Using Smart Subscribe plugin

Once the plugin access is enabled for user group(s), simply login to a user account. Click “Lists” link on the top menu. If you don’t have any lists, simply create a new one.

On the list browse page, click to the name of any list. On the left menu bar, you will notice “Smart Subscribe” link. Click on it:


Now, you are on the setup page. This page is a “wizard’ which helps you to build the required JavaScript code for your website and blog pages. First, select what kind of widget you want to generate:


You have two options. You can trigger the subscribe box by clicking a link or when the web page is scrolled down. For example, you can easily set a link as a subscribe button just like in this example. Or you can trigger a subscriber box to get displayed once visitor scrolls down the web page.

Each option has its own settings. Once you complete the customization and setting it up, simply click “Create Embed Script” button. Oempro will generate you the required JavaScript file. Now add this JavaScript file to your website HTML pages.

Any questions or ideas?

We hope you like our Smart Subscribe plugin and it adds a value to your business. For any questions and technical support request, please contact our support team via Please don’t forget to include your Oempro license key in your email.

For feature requests and ideas which you believe that they will make Smart Subscribe plugin much better, please contact us via

Thank you.