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  1. Account Information
  2. Personal Information

Creating your first user account

Now that we have seen most of the major functions and elements which are important from the setup point of view we will create our first user.

  1. To create your first user go to Users tab.
  2. Click on the "Create user account" button on the extreme right side
  3. The first tab you see will provide you the Account Information form and the second tab will allow you to add personal information about the user you are going to create.

All the fields on the account information tab are compulsory and required

Account Information

Enter the first name of the user
Enter the last name of the user
Enter the desired username for your user
Enter the password for the user
Email Address
Enter the valid email address
This is a very important parameter and you must remember that the correct timezone selection is crucial for the user as his campaigns schedules will depend on the same. If you choose the wrong timezone the scheduling of the campaigns will generate unwanted results.
This option will allow you to set the language for the user, by default Oempro comes with a single language (English).
User Group
Select the user group for your user, the select group's limits will be applicable.

Personal Information

Company Name
Enter the company name if the user is going to be a corporate account.
Enter the website address
Enter the address of the user or company
Enter the city name
Enter the state details
Zip Code
Enter the zip code.
Select the country of origin
Enter the phone number
Enter the fax number

When you are done adding the above information - simply hit the "Create user account" button found at the bottom of the screen.

There is a second way of adding a new user - when you login to your administrator area, on the Overview screen you will see a Quick Access menu - under this menu you have the "Create User Account" button, this will also lead you the user account creation screen.