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  1. Preferences for User Groups
  2. Limits
  3. Payment Settings
  4. Permissions
  5. User Interface

Managing User Groups

User groups are basically used to categories users and their limits, in other words you can consider this as a subscription plan which will allow your user to use resources as per the user group [plan] settings.

Using these groups you can customize parameters and settings for every group including the product name, logout urls, interface, delivery method, x-mailer headers etc. You can also impose limits and the import thresholds to keep users in control and ensure that they will not utilize anything beyond their limits.

Once you install Oempro - by default it creates a user group called "Default User Group".

  1. To create a new user group go to Settings > User Groups.
  2. This will list all the existing user groups available in the system and will also allow you to create the new group.
  3. Click on the "create user group" link
  4. This will bring the User Group Creation screen with several options.

Preferences for User Groups

This screen will help you set the basic preferences of any user group, make sure you fill in all the required fields under this tab.

Group Name
Enter the name for your new group - Ex: Starter Plan.
Product Name
Enter the name of the product you wish to display when the users log on under this group. It could be your same product name or a different one.
Force unsubscription link in campaign emails
Tick this option if you want the users under this group should send an un-subscription link in any of the campaign emails they send.
Force opt-in reject link in opt-in confirm emails
If this option is ticked the users under this group will have to include the opt-in reject link as well so that the subscriber receiving campaigns can reject to receive or be on the mailing list.
Force opt-in subscriber lists
This will force the user under this group to create mailing lists which are double opt-in.
Subscriber Area Logout Url
You can customize the log out URL for a particular user group. Please add the custom log out URL so that the users under the group will be redirected to that particular url after logging out of the system,
Trial User Group Setting
If you wish to set this group users to expire after a certain time, enable this option. If this option is enabled you will see a box appear on the screen where in you can define the number of days in which the trial user account will expire.
Notification Thresholds
This option will help you receive notifications if the user is importing or sending emails beyond the threshold limits. You can set the import threshold and recipient threshold - administrator will be notified by the system once subscriber import amount is higher than this threshold.
Plain Email Header And Footer Settings
You can set a non-editable header and footer content for text-only email campaigns set by users who belong to this user group.
Html Email Header And Footer Settings
You can set a non-editable header and footer content for HTML email campaigns set by users belong to this user group. Please do not include html, head and body tags because they can cause duplicate content in your emails.
Delivery Settings
You can assign a specific delivery method such as SMTP server to users of this group. Leave the settings empty to use the system default delivery method. You can also set the "X-Mailer Header" as a sender identifier which will be included in header of all outgoing emails. Leave empty if you wish to use the default x-mailer for users of this group.


Set the number of maximum allowed subscribers for each user account
Subscriber Lists
Set the number of maximum allowed subscriber lists for each user account
Set the number of maximum allowed campaigns that can be sent every month
Set the number of emails that user can send every month

Payment Settings

If you want to collect the fee from your users using Oempro then you can enable this setting and set the necessary options. As of now Oempro supports Paypal as a default payment gateway.

If the payment system is enabled you will need to populate several options - we have listed them out below.

Service Fee
Monthly fixed fee to use your service. Leave empty or enter zero to set as free.
Campaign Fee
Price for every campaign that is sent. Leave empty or enter zero to set as free
Design Preview
Price for every design preview request that will be done through your central account. Leave empty or enter zero to set as free.
Design Preview Fee
Monthly fixed fee for design preview service. This fee covers unlimited design preview requests. Leave empty or enter zero to set as free.
Auto Responder Fee
Monthly fixed fee for auto responder service. This fee covers unlimited auto responder deliveries per month. Leave empty or enter zero to set as free.
Credit Based Pre-Payment System
You can enable credit based pre-payment system and allow your customers to purchase credits before sending email campaigns or auto responders. If you enable this option then you will get two more options which can allow you to add the number of credits and their respective per credit price. For example for the First 1000 Email you will charge 5 cents per email. If this option isn't enabled you will see two more options which are discussed below.
Per Recipient Fee For Auto Responders
Enable or disable pricing for number of sent auto responders.
Per Recipient Fee For Campaigns
Enable pricing for number of sent emails to campaign recipients.


This tab helps you set the necessary permissions for the group you are going to create - Oempro provides some of the preset permission values as well you can choose which permissions to enable or disable for the users under this user group.

Permission Presets
There are four presets available which can be used to set the permissions Full Permission, List Moderator, Email Marketer and Reporting Only. You can choose the permission presets based on the type of user.

User Interface

Oempro also offers easy user interface color and template customization. You can choose a different template from the drop down or you can select the same "Weefive" template which is shipped with Oempro and make the necessary color adjustments.

Main theme color
You can use the color palette to select the main color of your theme.
Theme's secondary color
The secondary color can also be selected using the color palette
Header navigation passive text color
You can choose a different color for your header navigation's passive text color
Theme's secondary text color
Select the secondary text color for your theme using the color palette.

When you are done with all the options do not forget to check them again to ensure that you are doing the correct setup for your user group.

After you verify everything "Create user group" button to create your new user group.