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  1. Delivery Forecast
  2. Delivery History
  3. Active Users
  4. Online Users
  5. Top Bounces
  6. Top Spam Complaints
  7. Campaign Pending Approval

Observing System Stats & Reports

Now that we have seen most of the admin functions and have learnt to create the necessary user groups as well users we will take an overview of how the system stats and reports are organized within Oempro.

The system stats and reports are thoroughly organized within Oempro.

When you login to your admin area - you are redirected to the Overview page of the Oempro system. The overview page will give you several details about the system such as delivery forecast , delivery history, number of active users, currently online users, top bounces, top spam complaints and campaign pending approvals.

Delivery Forecast

This chart will show you the show you a tentative figure about the number of campaigns and emails which are scheduled in future. This way you get to know that how much traffic your mail servers are going to handle in near future.

Delivery History

This gives you a detailed view on how the past deliveries have happened at what intervals and in what kind of volume on a graphical chart.

Active Users

This will show you the active users within your Oempro.

Online Users

If you have users working on the Oempro, sending campaigns, adding lists or using Oempro, then they will be shown online to you.

Top Bounces

This will give you the details about the top bounced back emails processed by your Oempro.

Top Spam Complaints

This will show you the number of spam complaints received for the emails which were relayed from your Oempro by your users.

Campaign Pending Approval

There are times when you provide limited access to your customers and give them the rights to create campaigns but not send them out immediately. In similar cases your users will create the campaigns and they will be added to the pending approval queue - this queue will allow you to go through the content of the campaign and then decide whether to approve the same or not.

All the campaigns requiring approval will be displayed under this tab.

If you have the payment system enabled you can use the "Payments Reports" tab to check the details about the revenue generated month to month.