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This documentation has been deprecated. We are migrating Oempro help articles to our new help portal. Take a look at more detailed help articles on our new help portal.

General System Setup

General Oempro setup comprise of setting up your account information, default opt-in email s, delivery setup and other related preferences.

For Email Service Providers there are separate ESP settings also available which can allow them to set the sign-up system, user reputation, currency and taxes and the payment gateway integration.

In order to setup your general settings you need to be logged into your super admin account.

In order to login to your super admin account point your browser to

Login with the admin credentials you created at the time of the installation. Further the General System setup is divided into several parts - go through each one of them to configure your Oempro backend properly.

  1. Setting up Account Information
  2. Setting up Default Opt-in Email
  3. Email Delivery Setup
  4. Email Requests Setup
  5. ESP Settings
  6. Integration with Previewmyemail
  7. Plug-ins Overview
  8. Preferences
  9. Rebranding
  10. Uploads & Media Library Setup