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  1. User Sign-Up
  2. Currency & Tax
  3. Notification Emails
  4. Payment Gateway

ESP(Email Service Provider) Settings

Oempro provides several editions of its product and this topic is only related to the users who purchased Oempro ESP Edition.

Email Service Provider edition providers you more power to integrate the user sign-up and payment system which can help you not only allow your users to sign up for your service but also pay for the services they consume.

The ESP options will allow you to setup the sign up procedures, sign up form fields [for collecting the user's data], currency and tax setup, notification email setup for sign-ups and payment gateway setup.

  1. Go to Settings > ESP Settings
  2. You will be provided with four tabs "User Sign-Up", "Currency & Tax", "Notification Emails" and "Payment Gateway"

User Sign-Up

Under this tab you can setup the sign up system options - allow or disable the sign up feature.

Sign-Up System
* Allow Visitors to sign-up to the system as a user
* Disable user sign-up feature
Select the appropriate option
If you allow the visitors to sign-up then you can Select the reputation level of your new user - If the user has "Untrusted" reputation level all his campaigns will need an approval before sending it out.
Information to Ask
Here you can configure which fields can be enabled for user sign up form.
Select the language which will be displayed on the sign up page.
Target User Group
Select the target user group to assign the user or let them select the subscription plans defined by you. If you choose "let visitors to select a group" then there will be one more field displayed called "Selectable Groups" - you can select a single or multiple groups by holding down your ctrl key and selecting the multiple options.

Currency & Tax

Type in the currency code such as USD, INR, GBP etc. Tax
Enter the tax factor - this will be calculated in percentage.

Notification Emails

Email Subject
You can enter the subject of the email which will be sent when "Send Payment Request Email" button is clicked under the Payment Reports section. Plain Email Content
This email notification will be sent in a simple plain text format. You can define the content of the same as per your requirement.

Payment Gateway

You can select the payment gateway - as of now oempro supports Paypal Express Checkout by default and also allows you to use any third party payment gateway integration which can allow you to pass on the user details through api to a redirection url.

When you select Paypal Express Checkout you will have the following options to deal with

Business Name
Enter your business name which is used for Paypal Express Checkout System Description
Enter the description of the payment which will be processed
Ex: Payment for Oempro Purchase Currency
Select the currency from the drop down

When you enable third party gateway option - you will see a new field appearing called Redirection URL

Redirection URL
You can redirect users to your own payment gateway using this field. This feature is only available for pre-purchase(email credits) method at the moment. Please not that post-purchase process should be done on your side by writing a script which will communicate with the User.Update API call to update the available credits of the user.

After all the options for ESP are set you can click on the "Update ESP Settings".