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  1. Setting SendGrid Delivery Option
  2. Tracking Bounces/SPAM Complaints/Unsubscriptions From Sendgrid

Oempro and Integration

If you are going to use as your mail server, follow these steps to make the configuration on Oempro side:

Setting SendGrid Delivery Option

You can set delivery method in two locations:

  • System wide (administrator area / settings / email delivery)
  • User group wide (administrator area / settings / user groups)

On both sections, you can set Sendgrid as your delivery method. In this guide, we assume that you have already approved Sendgrid account.

Simply select the Sendgrid delivery method and enter your Sendgrid account username/password. Once the settings are saved, Oempro will start delivering emails through your Sendgrid account.

Tracking Bounces/SPAM Complaints/Unsubscriptions From Sendgrid

Oempro can track and process bounces, spam complaints and unsubscription requests detected by your Sendgrid account. To make this available, follow these steps:

  • Login to your account
  • Click "Apps" link on the top menu
  • If "Event Notification" app is not enabled, enable it
  • Click "Settings" link of the "Event Notification" app
  • Check "Emails are dropped", "Emails are deferred", "Emails are bounced", "A recipient unsubscribes" and "Emails are marked as spam" events
  • Uncheck "Batch event notifications" option
  • Enter the path of your Oempro pointing to Sendgrid module. Here's an example:
  • Hit the "Save Changes" button

That's all. Once settings are saved, Oempro will start capturing events posted by Sendgrid.