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  1. Media Library
  2. File Upload

Uploads & Media Library Setup

Oempro offers several options for the storage of uploaded attachments and media files which can be used with the email campaigns sent by your users.

In order to setup these options go to Settings > Uploads & Media Library.

Media Library

This tab offers the ability to customize how the uploaded files are stored - you can store them on the server, database or Amazon S3 storage.

  1. Upload to Server This option will be selected by default and all the images, attachments will be uploaded to a folder on the server where Oempro is hosted.
  2. Upload to Database This option will help you store the attachments to the MySQL database on your server.
  3. Amazon S3 You can use Amazon's S3 storage solution to store all the uploaded attachments and media files. When you enable this option you will see fields related to your Amazon S3 storage such as access id, secret key, bucket name, media library path, media library url.

File Upload

File upload tab will allow you to customize the upload parameters for the files - such as import file size, attachment size and media file size.

  1. Import File Size Define the default file import size in bytes.
  2. Attachment Size Define the default attachment size in bytes.
  3. Media File Size Define the default media file size in bytes.

Save all the options by clicking on "Update Settings"