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  1. How Does SPAM Complaint Occur?
  2. What Is FBL/JMRP Program?
  3. How To Setup SPAM Complaint Monitoring In Oempro?
  4. How To Get Involved In Major FBL/JMRP Programs?
  5. What To Do To Minimize SPAM Complaint Rate?

SPAM Complaint Monitoring Module Setup

Anyone who sends mass email should be taking care of bounce and spam complaints. Otherwise, the delivery reputation and chances of getting into the recipient inbox will decrease dramatically.

In the previous chapter, we have explained how to setup bounce handling on your server. In this chapter, we will explain you what does SPAM complaint means and how to get benefit of Oempro's unique feature for monitoring these complaints automatically.

In order to monitor SPAM complaints, you need to get involved in FBL/JMRP programs of email services.

How Does SPAM Complaint Occur?

Everyone who has an email address receive tens of SPAM/unsolicited/abuse emails every day. This is a known fact. And to minimize the volume of these unwanted emails, email service providers such as Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo! gives us chance to report the received email as spam or abuse.

When a recipient clicks "Report as SPAM" button in the email service for an email, email service sends a FBL (Feedback Loop) email to the sender as a warning if the sender is involved in their FBL/JMRP program.

This is quite valuable because email service provider gives you a chance to remove that recipient from your list before they put you to their black list.

Oempro has capability to monitor these FBL/JMRP emails automatically and filter those recipients from your future campaigns.

What Is FBL/JMRP Program?

FBL (Feedback Loop) and JMRP (Junk Mail Reporting Program) are known and accepted standards for passing spam complaint data from email service to the email sender.

All email senders are responsible from keeping their lists away from bounced and spam complaint owner email addresses. Otherwise, delivery reputation will decrease and the sender will start to have important delivery issues. Getting removed from black lists are more expensive (sometimes not possible) compared to monitoring bounced and spam complaint owner email addresses.

How To Setup SPAM Complaint Monitoring In Oempro?

It's easy. If you have setup bounce handling in the previous chapter, it will take only a few minutes to setup SPAM complaint processing module on your server.

Follow these steps to complete the setup:

  1. Login to your Oempro administration area

    Oempro Login Screen

  2. Click "Email Delivery" link on the left menu and then "SPAM Complaint Handling" tab

    SPAM Complaint  Settings

In the last step above, Oempro asks for three email addresses:

Report Abuse To
This email address will be included in the outgoing email headers, this way the recipient can send an email to your abuse department and report the unwanted email.
Send Complaints To
Similar to abuse reporting email address but for spam complaint reporting
Feedback Loop Email Address
If you have enrolled in any FBL/JMRP program, enter the email address you have submitted to those programs. Oempro will be able to monitor this email address automatically for any ATF complaint FBL notification emails.
Process Type
This is for monitoring the Feedback Loop Email Address you have set above. Similar to bounce handling, Oempro can fetch the incoming FBL notification emails via email piping or POP3 methods.

Based on your "Process Type" selection, follow the same steps explained in Bounce Handling Module Setup chapter. Just setup the "fbl.php" or "pop3_fbl.php" instead of the bounce module.

How To Get Involved In Major FBL/JMRP Programs?

It's easy but highly important. The easiest way to increase your sender reputation is to filter all hard bounced email addresses and spam complaint reported email addresses. If you insist on sending emails to these email addresses, many email services and spam filters will add you to the black list.

Unfortunately, there's no a single location where you can enroll to all FBL/JMRP programs. You will need to apply manually for each email service. We have listed some important ones below:

What To Do To Minimize SPAM Complaint Rate?

There are many discussions around this topic, but there some proven methods:

  1. Make the unsubscription clear, let recipients go away if they don't want to receive any email from you.
  2. Put the unsubscription link to both header and footer
  3. Identify yourself clearly in the email
  4. Explain why they received your email in the email content

It's sometimes easier to click "Report as SPAM" link in the email client instead of the unsubscription link in the email content. Because user knows the place of "Report As SPAM" button needs to search for the unsubscription link inside the email. Make it clear and visible in the email header.