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Login Blocker

Secure Oempro user accounts with Login Blocker!
Detect invalid login attempts and block them!

  • Set login failure rules and block access IP addresses
  • Block user login from specific countries*
  • Overview report for administrator

(*) Requires GeoIP2 database.

Separate login failure detection rules for each section

For admin, user and client areas, set different login failure detection rules and ban visitor IP addresses based on these rules

Filter and block access atempts from specific countries

Block visits and login attempts from specific countries to your system. This feature requires GeoIP2 Country or City database.

Overview report for administrators

See how many IP addresses have been blocked and have control to release them anytime with a single click.

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Do I need Oempro software to use this plugin?

Yes. Login Blocker plugin requires Oempro v4.7.0 or higher version to run.

Is there any fee involved?

No! Login Blocker is 100% free. No hidden fees, no setup fees, no license fees.

Is the source code encrypted?

No. It comes with the full source code. You can customize it for your needs.

v1.0.0 released — 29th May 2014

  • First version release.

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Version 1.0.0
Source Code Open source
Developer Octeth


Oempro version 4.7.0+

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