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Multi-Threaded Send Engine

Are you sending time sensitive, high-volume emails and need more speed? Multi-Threaded Send Engine is built for you.

  • Boost email delivery to your MTA dramatically
  • Control number of open threads and adjust for the optimum performance
  • Send more emails in a very short time
  • Great solution for time-sensitive, high volume emailings
  • Manage the number of email delivery threads and processes on the admin area
  • See which user is sending what email campaign along with the performance metrics
  • Must-have solution for ESP's

Sending hundred thousands of emails but taking hours?

Sending hundred thousands of emails can be a pain, especially if it's a time sensitive email campaign... Multi-threaded Send Engine comes into play at this point. Boost email delivery to your MTA with the multi-threaded email sending algorithm. Compared to single thread email delivery, by opening multiple threads to your MTA, you can multiply the email sending performance dramatically.

Example performance benchmark

Here's an example showing how Multi-Threaded Send Engine can help you on faster email delivery. Below, we prepared an example benchmark which is achieved on a standard virtualbox with 1 core CPU, 512MB RAM, CentOS and PowerMTA:

  • Number of recipients:
  • Duration on a single threaded send engine:
    18 emails per second
  • Duration on a 10-thread send engine:
    98 emails per second

Please watch the performance benchmark video on the top of this page.

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Do I need Oempro software to use this plugin?

Yes. Multi-Threaded Send Engine plugin requires Oempro v4.6.4 or higher version to run.

Do I have to pay monthly fee for this plugin?

No! The license fee for this plugin is a one-time payment and you own the license life-time.

Is the source code encrypted?

Yes, the PHP files are Ioncube encrypted. But you can customize the look-n-feel or translate plugin to any language without any problem.

v1.0.0 released — 17th July 2014

  • First version release.

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Price $240
Free Trial 5 days
Version 1.0.0
Source Code Ioncube Encrypted
Developer Octeth


Oempro version 4.6.4+
PHP version 5.3.0+
PHP extension APC (APC.enable_cli must be true)

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