Subscriber Activity Log

Log every single activity of your subscribers. Use this valuable data to target your campaigns, setup auto-responders and for segmentation.

Smart segments

Setup smart subscriber segments based on any subscriber activity. Use these segments to target your email campaigns. For example; send an email to subscribers who haven't opened your previous email campaign.

Be personal with your subscribers

Collect any kind of information about your subscribers. Name, age, address, interests or any other information you need. Use this information to personalize your email contents and filter recipients.

Subscription forms

Oempro comes with easy-to-use subscription form designer. Build your subscription form without any technical knowledge. In seconds, you will have your subscription form ready.

Suppression lists

Keep a list of "do-not send to" email addresses. Oempro handles this list automatically and filters out from outgoing emails.

Statistics and reports

Who opened your email, which links are clicked inside your email, how many times opened, invalid email addresses, forwards, view on web browsers, spam complaints and used email clients and etc.

Custom fields

You are not limited to only email address. Get more information about your subscribers such as name, age, interests or any other information you need.

List synchronization

Do you need to link your user system to Oempro? Simply connect Oempro to your own MySQL user database and let Oempro synchronize lists automatically.

Subscriber preferences area

Add a special link to your email content and let your subscribers to manage their own subscripiton profile

Email notifications

Get notified whenever a subscription or unsubscription occurs.

Smart behaviours

Manage how the subscription and unsubscription flow will be. Customize result pages, redirect to your own URLs, etc.

Web hook integration

Ping a remote URL whenever a subscription or unsubscription occurs. Fetch subscription data with the ping.

Email request processing

Accept subscriptions and unsubscriptions through email. Oempro monitors incoming emails and processes subscription requests. Do not get limited with subscription forms only.

Email request processing

Accept subscriptions and unsubscriptions through email. Oempro monitors incoming emails and processes subscription requests. Do not get limited with subscription forms only.

Email request processing

Accept subscriptions and unsubscriptions through email. Oempro monitors incoming emails and processes subscription requests. Do not get limited with subscription forms only.

Email wizard

You don't need to be a technical person to design your email. Import your own email or use the email builder to create your email.

Email template engine

Setup email templates. Let users to build emails by editing "editable" content blocks only. Add content blocks, re-order them or remove existing content blocks.


Personalize your email content with the recipient information. Name, age or any other information you have can be used to personalize email content.

Scheduled email delivery

Send your email as soon as possible or schedudle it to be sent in the future. It can be sent at a future time for one time or you can schedule a repeating campaign sucn as every Friday or every 30th day of the month.

Reports and statistics

You get all reports and statistics you need from your email campaigns. Email opens, link clicks, forwards, view on web browsers, spam complaints, unsubscriptions, used email apps, etc.

A/B split testing

Create a/b split testing email campaigns. Send two different versions (different subject and different email content) of an email and see which one is performing better, getting higher open rates or link click rates.

Campaign archives

Create "archives" and let your visitors take a look at your email campaign archives. This is a great feature to let your visitors have access to your previously sent emails.

Social sharing

Publish your emails on Twitter, Facebook, Delicious, MySpace, StumbleUpon and Digg and get more impressions.

Google Analytics integration

Integrate emails with your Google Analytics account and continue tracking your recipient activity when they land on your website. This is a very useful feature to track conversions from your emails.

Remote content fetching from RSS feeds

Fetch remote contents from RSS feeds and dynamically generate email content. You can setup a repeating email campaign to be sent every Friday including blog posts of the last week.

Email campaign performance comparison

Compare different email campaigns with each other for email opens, link clicks, hard bounces, spam complaints or any other metric you prefer.

Image embedded email delivery

Instead of showing emails remotely, you can embed images to an email with a single click. This will cause images to be displayed even if image loading is disabled on the email client.

Test your email desing on various email services

Oempro is integrated with service. This service allows you to see screen shots of your email taken on different email clients in a minute.

Auto-responders to increase retention

Setup auto-responder emails to send regular email to your subscribers. For example, you can send an education email series for 30 days to your subscribers.

Unlimited auto-responder series

Setup unlimited auto-responder emails for different rules and triggers.

Trigger based on subscriber activity

Setup your auto-responder emails to be triggered based on specific subscriber activities. Opening a specific email campaign, clicking a link, subscribing to a list, etc.

Date triggers

Trigger auto-responder emails based on date custom fields you have created for subscribers. This feature lets you to send "happy birthday" emails to your subscribers. Or you can send them reminder emails regularly based on a specific date.

Reports and statistics

Just like email campaign reports and statistics, you get all detailed reports for auto responders as well.

Designed for integrations

Oempro comes with a full-featured API, plug-in engine and source code. This makes it easy to integrate with any third party system. - Email design testing

Test your email design on 40+ email clients with a single click. Once Oempro is integrated with PreviewMyEmail, a hidden feature gets unlocked in Oempro and lets you to test your email designs without leaving Oempro.

Wufoo - Form builder

Build online forms with Wufoo and send form submissions to your Oempro subscriber list directly. Integrated takes a few seconds only.

Highrise - CRM, contact management

Import your CRM customer data to your Oempro subscriber list with a single click. Send trackable highly effective emails to your customers easily.

PayPal Express Checkout

Are you using Oempro to provide professional email marketing services to your customers? With PayPal Express Checkout integration, you can charge your customers and collect payments right inside Oempro.

Control your system

Oempro's administration area gives you all tools and reporting to have a full control over your users.

Powerful reporting

See what's happening on your system right now. Which users are online? how many emails have been sent? How many SPAM complaints have occurred? How many campaigns are scheduled for delivery? etc.

Detailed configuration

You can configure your system easily with the administration area. User groups, email delivery preferences, bounce handling, suppression management, user management, user privileges and limits, etc.

Quick user search

Hit ALT+SHIFT+S keybord shortcut and start searching across your users right away. You can quickly access their overview screen and see what's happening.

Delivery forecast

See how many campaings are scheduled for tomorrow and following days. This feature allows you to adjust your system resources based on the upcoming email delivery load.

Delivery history

See which user sent which email campaign. Get access to your user accounts with a single mouse click.

Email delivery approval

If you have enabled approval feature for a specific user group, email campaigns scheduled by users within that user group will not be sent unless you approve them.

Top performing users

See top performing users, their email campaign delivery frequencies and loads.

Easy-to-use interface

Let your users access and manage their email campaigns, subscriber lists, auto responders through a well-designed interface.

Privileges and limits

Set different access privileges and usage limits for each user group you have created. You can create a trial user group, un-trusted user group and full access user group. You are limitless on limit and privilege management.

Email campaigns

Manage email campaigns, create new ones, schedule and track reports of sent ones. Email campaign section will let you to access to all features you need to manage your email campagns.

Subscriber lists

Easy-to-use subscriber import tool, full featured subscriber management section will let you to manage your subscribers as easy as possible.

Keyboard shortcuts

Hit ALT+SHIFT+S to make a quick search across your lists and subscribers. Use J and K keys to navigate to other sections.

ISP friendly

Oempro follows all bulk email delivery guidelines and standards to make sure that your email is 100% compliant with ISP guidelines. This helps you to maximize your inbox delivery rate.

Email sending methods

Setup different sending methords for each user group or system wide. Send emails through a remote SMTP server, local mail server,,, or any service using SMTP protocol. In additional, Oempro is fully compatible with the enterprise level MTA, PowerMTA.

Split delivery load

Setup different sending methods for each user group and split the delivery load across different email servers based on user reputations.

Custom email headers

Set your own email headers for specific needs. For example, you can setup your own email header for abuse reporting.

Bounced email filtering

You don't need to worry about invalid email addresses. Oempro will monitor against these invalid email addresses and mark them as hard bounced. This will protect your email delivery reputation.

SPAM complaint handling

Get spam complaint reports from leading email services such as Hotmail, Yahoo, RoadRunner, Comcast, etc. Oempro will monitor and filter these spam complaints to keep your subscriber lists and active. You need to get enrolled on FBL programs to activate this feature.

Designed to run your own service

Are you going to use Oempro to run your very own email marketing service? Oempro is the only software designed to run ESP business. It already powers up hundreds of ESPs all around the world including our own one.

Different pricing tiers

Setup different pricing tiers for each user group. You can setup monthly recurring pricing or pay-as-you-go email credits pricing models.

Use both pricing models

You can setup and use both monthly recurring and pay-as-you-go pricing models at the same time for your users.

Payment gateway integration

Oempro comes with PayPal Express Checkout payment gateway integration by default. But you can integrate your own payment gateway by using Oempro's full featured API.

Rebrand and Resell

Oempro is fully rebrandable. You change the look-n-feel, add your own logo, add/remove user interface elements and make it your very own system.


Oempro is multi-language compatible. You can easily translate the default English language pack to any language you need and offer Oempro in multiple languages.


Oempro includes full featured API which means you can integrate Oempro into any third party system or make it a part of your existing system.

Full featured

Oempro comes with 50+ API commands. This means you can almost do anything via API that you can do on the user interface.

Plug-in engine

Plug-in engine is fully integrated. You can extend functionality and add your own features by writing plug-ins to Oempro.

Easy installation

Once you uploaded Oempro files to your web server, it takes only a minute to complete the installation. Simply enter your MySQL database connection settings and that's all.

Easy upgrade

You can easily upgrade your Oempro to a newer version by using the web based upgrade tool. While it upgrades your system, your data is not lost and in a few seconds, you start to use the most recent version.

Oempro is designed to work on even very limited server resources and platforms. Below, we listed minimum requirements for Oempro to run properly:

Server side requirements

Server Platform
Linux, Mac OS X, Windows

Web Server
Apache 1.3.0 or higher, IIS 7 or higher, Lightttpd or any other compatible

PHP 5.1 or higher version

PHP Extensions
IMAP (for POP3 bounce processing)
curl (for remote content fetching)
ioncube loader (for encryption)

PHP Settings
safe_mode = OFF
magic_quotes_gpc = OFF
register_globals = OFF

MySQL 5.1 or higher

MySQL Settings
strict_mode = OFF

The free ioncube loader is required

Client side requirements

Web Browser
Firefox 3+, Safari 4+, Internet Explorer 8+, Chrome or compatible

Sounds complicated?

If you are confused about all these technical details, you may consider using our hosted email marketing service to deleage all these technical details to experienced team.