Importance of Headers and Footers in Newsletters

The Header

The header, which is found at the top of your newsletter, is mainly used to build interest and has to be well-designed since it gives an image of the newsletter. It is used as a teaser, which tempts and pushes the reader to continue reading the newsletter and discover its interesting content. It should contain important information about the company, including the company’s name and logo. The content in the header should be relevant to the content of course. All headers should be consistent, and the publication date, issue and mainlines of the content should be clear.

The Footer

The footer is the text which appears below the newsletter’s content and is as much important as the content itself, but many marketers do not make use of it. It is the best place for inserting administrative notices and including CAN-SPAM compliance. It can also be used to advertise your products and services. Since from readers’ point of view, the footer is not considered as being part of the newsletter, you can allow yourself to incorporate other elements, spreading out from subjects related to your business. Though this section of the newsletter is not read at all the time, readers do often scroll down to view more information and the footer’s objective is therefore to ensure that it contains all that a reader might want to learn. Standard information about your business, such as contacts, must always be included, without putting aside your marketing aims, new products and secondary offers. The footer should without doubt comprise of links to your website and your other newsletters.

Some elements which are recommended in the footer are:

  • Administrative information, such as contacts and copyright notice
  • Links or instructions to subscribe, unsubscribe or modify accounts
  • Links to interesting features of your website
  • Links to your other newsletters
  • Customer feedback link
  • Link leading to more information about your business
  • A teaser about the coming newsletter

Both headers and footers are essential in newsletters. You can define your header and footer of newsletters being sent through Oempro. It provides great flexibility and privilege mechanism which enables you to send personalized newsletters for each administrator.

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