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This documentation has been deprecated. We are migrating Oempro help articles to our new help portal. Take a look at more detailed help articles on our new help portal.

Upgrade Instructions

In order to upgrade your old Oempro version to the latest Oempro v4 version, you need to have Oempro v4.0.0 or higher installed. Unfortunately, Oempro v3, Oempro v2 and Oempro v1 versions can not be upgraded to the latest Oempro version.

Data migration tool for Oempro v3 is currently not available. The only way to move email addresses from v3 to the latest version is to export and then import into Oempro v4 installation.

Important: Please take backup of your Oempro directory and database before upgrading to the new version

Follow these easy steps to complete your upgrade:

  • Backup your Oempro directory on the server
  • Backup your Oempro database on the server
  • Download the latest Oempro version from your client area
  • Unzip and upload all latest version Oempro files to your Oempro directory on the server
  • Run the upgrade tool which can be found at

Important Note: If you are using Panic's Transmit FTP client on Mac OS X, be sure to select "MERGE" instead of "REPLACE". "REPLACE" option will delete all of the existing files from your Oempro directory before it uploads the new ones and this will cause your configuration files and data files to be deleted you previously had.

You can upgrade if you have at least Oempro v4.0.0 or higher version

Important: If you are upgrading from an older version than v4.0.3, follow these additional steps:

  • Login to your client area
  • Download license.dat file again from "Downloads" section
  • Upload license.dat file to oempro/data/ directory
  • Run install utility which can be found at

Once installation utility is executed, it will detect the upgrade and redirect you to the upgrade utility. Upgrade utility is a one-step process which will upgrade your old Oempro database and also perform required changes in the file system. Once upgrade is completed, you will get a success screen.

Do not forget to delete the install directory after upgrading to the latest version.

IMPORTANT: Upgrade process will reset the default English language pack as well as the default template folder (weefive for v4.1.x). If you have made any customizations or translation in these default folders, they will get lost.