Support and Documentation

This documentation has been deprecated. We are migrating Oempro help articles to our new help portal. Take a look at more detailed help articles on our new help portal.

Quickstart Guide for Users

This guide is mainly aimed at the users who are going to utilize Oempro to carry out the email marketing activities.

Oempro user interface is intuitive and well designed. The primary focus is the user experience and it has been built from ground up to address the requirements of the next generation natural user interfaces.

You will realize the advantages of this when you start using the application.

We have divided the users guide into several sections so that you can better understand each function in detail, below is the list of sections and subsections for each important function you can use to carry out effective email marketing.

  1. Setting up your account
  2. Setting up your first mailing list
  3. Integrating new list with your website
  4. Importing email addresses to your list
  5. Sending your first campaign
  6. Advanced List Functions
    1. List Settings
    2. Custom Fields
    3. Auto Responders
    4. Segments
    5. Third party mysql database sync
    6. Subscription / Un-Subscription Behaviors
    7. Subscription / Un-Subscription forms
    8. Integrating new list with your website
    9. Suppression Lists
  7. Advanced Subscriber Management
    1. Adding Subscribers using Copy/Paste
    2. Adding Subscribers using file upload
    3. Adding Subscribers using external MySql Database
    4. Browse Subscribers
    5. Delete Subscribers
    6. Export Subscribers
  8. Advanced Campaign Management
    1. Creating New Campaigns
      1. Using HTML Code
      2. Using Template Gallery
      3. Using previously sent Campaign
      4. Using a web URL
    2. Working with Google Analytics
    3. Using A/B split testing
    4. Attachments
    5. Personalizing your email
    6. Email Content Analysis
    7. Campaign Preview
  9. Creating & Managing Email Templates
    1. Managing Tags
    2. Managing Sub-Client Accounts
  10. Statistical Data Analysis
    1. List Statistics
    2. Member Statistics
    3. Campaign Statistics