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This documentation has been deprecated. We are migrating Oempro help articles to our new help portal. Take a look at more detailed help articles on our new help portal.

Creating a new campaign using HTML Code

There are two ways in which anyone can start creating a new campaign irrespective of the method they use. You can use "Campaigns" tab or if you are on the Dashboard you can click on the "Create New Campaign" link under the Quick Links.

  • click on the "Campaigns" tab
  • click on the "Create New campaign" under the campaign browser

Campaign creation with HTML Code

If you look at the campaign browser screenshot above you will realize that it gives you the ability to browse through the campaigns within your account. You will also be able to track all the campaigns which are sent, are in outbox, are being created and in draft mode, are scheduled, are paused and are pending approval.

You can manage tags which can allow you to categorize your campaigns.

Campaign creation with HTML Code

Campaign Settings

Campaign Name
Enter the name of your campaign
Select the mailing list or a segment for your campaign.You can select single or multiple lists of segments.
Apply A/B Split Testing
By applying A/B split testing you can test different versions of your campaign settings or content. You can set the test size, duration and how to determine the winner. This helps you optimize your campaign in a better manner.
Publish this campaign to RSS Feed
When you check this box, your subscribers will be able to see this campaign in their list's rss feeds.
Google Analytics Integration

Oempro integrates seamlessly with the Google Analytics web service to help you track recipient activities on your website coming from your campaign.

We will learn about this feature in details in a separate topic - click here for detailed information.

  • When you are done populating these fields hit the "Create Campaign and Edit Campaign Email".
  • This will bring up the create new campaign selection screen.
  • Click on the first option "From Scratch" - this will take you to the step 1 of the campaign email.

Campaign creation with HTML Code

Campaign Email Creation Step 1

Enter the name which will be used for the from field of your campaign email
Email address
Enter the email address which will be used for the from email field of your campaign email.
Reply to Information
You can use the same reply to information defined the name and email address fields above or use the new one by un-checking the option and entering the different reply-to information
  • Click on the "Next" button to go to the Content part of the campaign email creation.

Campaign creation with HTML Code

Campaign Email Creation Step 2

Embed images to email content
You can tick this option if you wish to embed the images within your campaign, although this can increase the size of the email if there are many images within the email content.
Content Type
Select the content type - whether you are going to send an HTML email or Text. You can also send a multi-part email which will carry HTML as well TEXT based content and render it at the end-users end according to their email reader.
Define the subject line for your campaign email.
HTML Content

Add the custom html content you created for your newsletter or you can directly create the custom content using the editor available.

Please note that you must add "unsubscription" link within your content to comply with the policy.

You can do that by clicking on "%" icon within the content editor and then selecting the un-subscription link.

Save Draft
This button lets you save the content you have written without proceeding to the next step. This way you can continue your writing without any distractions and loosing any changes.
You can attach one or more files to the campaign email you are going to send.
  • Click on the "Next" button to go to the last step of the campaign email creation

Campaign creation with HTML Code

The last step of campaign email creation is the preview of your campaign's content. You can verify how does it look by sending an email to a designated email address or on your browser.

The review screen will also give you the details of the content analysis and spam testing.

Once you verify the preview and satisfied with the campaign email content click on the "Next" button to go to the campaign scheduling screen.

Campaign creation with HTML Code

Use the drop down menu "send" to schedule the campaign

There are four scheduling options available for every campaign

  1. Now
    If this option is selected the campaign will start sending immediately.

  2. On given date and time
    If you select this option then you will have to set the date and time for the campaign to start sending emails to your mailing lists.

  3. Repeatedly
    If this option is selected you will be allowed to set the time and date along with the repeat frequency of your campaign.

  4. Never
    If this option is selected then the campaign will be saved under the drafts folder and will never start.