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Delete Subscribers

  • To delete subscribers go to "Lists"
  • Select the Mailing List you wish to delete subscribers from
  • The List Browser screen will have a drop down menu called "Subscriber Actions"
  • Select "Remove Subscribers" from this drop down

Delete Subscribers

List Name
This shows the list name you want to remove subscribers from.
Using this drop down you can define what kind of subscribers you want to remove from your mailing list

Active Subscribers
This will remove all active subscribers if selected

Suppressed Subscribers
This will remove all suppressed subscribers if selected

Not opted-in for specified period of days
This will remove the subscribers who have not opted-in by click on the confirmation link for a certain number of days.

Given email addresses
You can copy paste email id's per new line with this option

You can select the specific segments of subscribers

Bounce Types
You can select the soft or hard bounced subscribers to be removed from the list
Add / Remove subscribes to the suppression list
Tick this option and add email addresses to suppression list so that you can prevent them to be subscribed/imported to this list later.

When you are done populating the above options hit the "Remove Subscribers" button the subscribers will be removed from the related mailing list.