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Managing Sub-Client Accounts

There are times when you are relaying or sending campaigns or emailers on behalf of your client. The client is keen on monitoring and watching the statistical data gathered by the campaign and is required to have an access which will help him/her to check the details pertaining to his/her campaigns.

Oempro provides a built in sub-client account functionality which can be used to achieve this.

  • To create a new sub-client account go to "Settings"
  • Click on the "Clients" menu
  • This screen will show you the existing sub-client accounts
  • Click on the "Create Client" link.

Sub-Client Accounts

You will have to fill in all the required fields and assign the campaigns and mailing list he can access the statistical data for.

Name / Company
Enter the name of your sub-client or the company name
Email Address
Enter the client's email address
Enter the username
Enter the password
Select the campaign(s) for your sub-client account
Select the list(s) you wish your sub-client account to have access to. You can hold the "CTRL" key and select multiple lists.