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  1. Tagging your Campaigns

Managing Tags

As your business grows you will be sending more and more email marketing campaigns, managing these campaigns will become critical and you need an easy way to categories these campaigns.

Oempro provides an easy to use tagging system which will allow you to tag your campaigns so that whenever you need some reference to your campaign you can use the tags to group them or search them effectively.

This will help you reduce the time searching the old campaigns.

  • To create and manage tags go to "Settings"
  • Click on "Tags"
  • Click on "Create Tag"

This will create a pop up allowing you to enter the tag name, please enter the desired tag name and Oempro will create the same.

Tagging your Campaigns

Now that you know how to create the tags - let us see how to tag the campaigns.

  • In order to assign the tags to your campaigns - please go to the "Campaigns" menu and select one or more campaigns.
  • Select the drop down menu "Assign Tag" and select the necessary tag to tag the campaign.