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  1. Key Concepts
    1. Single Opt-in Mailing List
    2. Double Opt-in Mailing List
  2. Creating a new mailing list

Setting up your first mailing list

Oempro offers an easy way to create and manage mailing lists. In this chapter we will take a look at creating your first mailing list.

Before we proceed to create our first mailing list we need to understand two key concepts.

Key Concepts

Single Opt-in Mailing List

  • Email addresses on a (single) opt-in list are not confirmed.
  • Anybody can submit anybody's address to the list, and it will be there until it is unsubscribed

Double Opt-in Mailing List

  • On a double opt-in list, all email addresses must be confirmed before they are added.
  • A request for confirmation is sent to the submitted address and the address owner must take necessary action to confirm that he/she is the owner of the email address, the address is working and he/she indeed wants to subscribe.
  • Most often, the confirmation action is as simple as replying to the confirmation request or clicking on a link.

We strongly recommend that whenever you are creating a mailing list - use double opt-in list, this will save you a big hassle with managing the unwanted subscribers.

Creating a new mailing list

  • To create a new mailing list click on the "Lists" tab.
  • On the right side click the button "Create New List"

This will bring up the list creation wizard

List Creation

  • Enter the name of your list
  • Select the subscription type [whether you want to have single or double opt-in mailing list or not - for this example we have selected double opt-in]
  • You can tick the option to hide the mailing list from subscriber area
  • Now click on the "Create List and Edit confirmation email"

Now that we have configured the basic list options - we must create the opt-in confirmation emails. These confirmation emails will be activated and sent to the user who is subscribing to our double opt-in mailing list.

List Creation Confirmation Emails

Oempro allows you to configure your opt-in confirmation emails using 4 different methods, please remember that in any of the method used to create the necessary confirmation emails must include opt-in confirm and opt-in reject links. These links will allow the subscriber to confirm or reject the subscription.

  1. From Scratch
    This option will allow you to compose your email using an HTML editor. You can also paste your own HTML code and create an opt-in confirmation email.

  2. Template Gallery
    This option allows you to select a built in template for creating an opt-in confirmation email. Oempro offers a wide variety of templates which can be used to create stunning confirmation emails.

  3. Copy from another list
    If you have already created a nicely formatted confirmation email for another list within your account then you can easily copy the same using this option, this method can help you reduce the time in creating a new set of confirmation email(s).

  4. Fetch URL
    You can use this to fetch a URL which will have a formatted content for the confirmation email. Please be sure that this content will have to have the opt-in confirmation and opt-in reject links within the content.

For this example we will be using the first option "From Scratch".

Once you select this option you will be provided a screen which can allow you to define the settings of your email such as Sender Name, Sender Email address, Reply to name and Reply to email address.

List Creation Confirmation Emails - Step 1 - Settings

  • Enter the sender name
  • Enter the sender email address
  • You can tick the last option to keep the same reply-top information or un-check the option to add a different reply-to information

Now we need to go to the content part of the confirmation email by hitting the "Next" button.

List Creation Confirmation Emails - Step 2 - Content

Content Settings
You can choose the "Embed images to email content" option to embed any images within your content to the email. This will increase the email size although all the images will be seen by the end-user even if the email client is set to hide all the images.
Content Type
You can set the content type as html, text or both.
Define the subject line of your confirmation email.
Please add the content as shown in the example below.
If you wish to send some other document or attachment with your email you can do so by adding your attachments using this tool.

Now we need to review our confirmation email by hitting the "Next" button.

Example HTML content for your confirmation email

Dear Subscriber

This is to inform you that your email address %Subscriber:EmailAddress% has been added to our mailing list.

I order to confirm your subscription please click on the below link. %Link:Confirm%

In case if you think that someone else subscribed your email id or you subscribed to our mailing list by mistake - you can reject the subscription by clicking on the Subscription Reject Link below.


Thanks and best regards XYZ Corporation

When you are done with the content part of the confirmation you need to go to the next step where you can review your email. The last step will allow you to preview your confirmation by sending a preview email or on browsers. It will also allow you to get the detailed content and spam analysis.

This is the final step to finalize your confirmation email and save it.

List Creation Confirmation Emails - Step 3 - Preview

After you are satisfied with the preview you can save it by click on the "Next" button.