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List Statistics

Oempro provides an easy way to manage the statistical data which can help you in making certain decisions on your marketing strategies. It also allows you to understand the different subscriber behaviors and patterns on subscriptions/unsubscriptions.

  • To view the list statistics go to "Lists"
  • This will take you to the list browser - select the list you wish to view the statistics for.
  • After you select the list - you should see the "Overview" of the mailing list.

The below screen shot gives you the overview of your mailing list with the details such as Subscription / Un Subscription trends in a graphical chart format, open performance, click performance, Email Service Ratio, Bounce ratio etc. for the particular mailing list.

List Statistics

Mailing List Statistics

Open performance
This shows you the email open ratio for the particular mailing list.
Click performance
This gives you the details about the link click performance for the particular mailing list
This will show you the number of people forwarded the emails using the Oempro email forward system. This data is only populated if you use the personalization tag for forward to friend.
Browser Views
This will give you the details on the subscribers who clicked on the browser view link from their campaign email.
Email Service Ratio
This ratio is based on the number of different email service domains are found within the mailing list subscriber database.
Bounce Ratio
The bounce ratio is the data which is generated based on the hard bounced subscribers. Oempro helps you track the invalid email addresses and can remove these addresses from the mailing list.
Total Subscribers
You will also be able to track the total subscribers within the mailing list.
Spam complains
This will give you the details about the subscribes who submitted spam complains through the Feedback loop procedures followed by major email service providers such as hotmail, yahoo etc.