A quick look to the upcoming drag and drop email builder

Okay, it’s time to showcase our coming soon drag and drop email builder… Below, you can watch a 1-minute showcase of our new email builder, which is going to be available with Oempro v5 release soon…

Our new email builder includes lots of new features including drag and drop content blocks, drag and drop inline image uploads, customizable themes, lots of content blocks including call to actions, block quotes and many more…

We are currently testing our new email builder on Sendloop hosted email marketing service with a group of beta testers and it will be available in Oempro v5 soon…

41 thoughts on “A quick look to the upcoming drag and drop email builder

  1. Hi i would like to say AMAZING and finally we can see that the OEMPRO TEAM is back on tracks!!!
    Also i would like to know if with the new V5, oempro will:
    - change his UI
    - add new templates
    - Templates Languages or tags like mailchimp to develop ready-made templates for oempro
    - It will be possible to enhance the drag & drop email builder changing the UI of this?
    - Add more social sharing capabilities to this drag & drop email builder

    Thanks and this is awesome news

    1. Thanks Felipe. Oempro v5 will have improvements on the user interface but we are not planning to change the user interface completely. It would be a night mare for our 15,000+ license owners :(

      We will be publishing template language article after Oempro v5 gets released.

      The user interface of the email builder can be customized by playing HTML, JS and CSS codes but you should be careful :)

      The video doesn’t show you all features. There are lots of hidden features that we don’t want to reveal at the moment :)


    1. Andrew, Oempro can already handle 500k+ subscribers without any problem. Just be sure that your server resources, MySQL configuration are set properly and fine-tuned for heavy load.

  2. thanks for your great answer, i would like to ask as well something that we need to change.

    Oempro no matter the version, include flash charts which make’s oempro impossible to work on an ipad, and i would like to know if is possible to change that, are you planning to change to a css or js charts?


  3. Another question team: The V5 will include an updated version of all the scripts and framework like CodeIgniter?

    If we start now the development of new modifications at the version 4.6.1 it will be drastically different and we will have to RE-DO everything again or will be minor changes?

    This is a really important question.

    thanks for the extremely fast responses.

    1. Felipe, we are not planning to upgrade the CodeIgniter version in the v5, at least for now.

      Upgrading from v4.x to v5 will be quite straight forward, just like upgrading from v4.6.0 to v4.6.2.

  4. Hello,

    Is the “drag and drop email builder” only the main new feature in the v5, or there are some other new main features will be available?


    1. Hello Team, Please highly consider to make Beautiful Subscription Forms with subscribe button widget, Facebook, Twitter and WordPress integrations available in V5, (beside the email builder) cause this will make oempro perfect ESP!

      After all we all here to build a subscriber list, and with great and responsive optin form, building a list will be more Faster!

    2. Hello Octa, we will be releasing “Subscribe Button” widget as a plugin this month.

      Facebook, Twitter, WordPress and other integrations will be available as a social integration plugin but release date not decided yet.


    3. Oh and please made the subscription form code in the snippet of Javascript too beside the current standard html code

    4. Hello Team,
      Awesome great to hear it, I will be the first to buy subscribe button plugin :)
      Also please consider to make scroll triggered-boxes, such as this one: http://dannyvankooten.com/mailchimp-for-wordpress/wordpress.org/plugins/scroll-triggered-boxes/

      I also hear from Nihan that you also planning to release Landing Page plugin.. Super I’m really excited!

      PS: I’m still having problem with salted password when upgrade..
      PPS: Nice to have you folks back on track!

  5. We already bought your unrestricted license, do we get access to the update version 5 without any additional payments?

    1. If you have an active service subscription for your Oempro license, yes you will get the v5 for free. If you are not sure about your license service subscription, please contact us via hello@octeth.com and we will be happy to check it for you.

    2. in v5 wonder can select to use both v4 or v5 to create an email?
      and is there able to categories the email template?

    3. What do you mean by “select to use v4 or v5 to create an email?” Do you mean ability to use the current email builder as an optional method? Yes. You will be able to use the current email editor instead of the new email builder. We will keep the current one.

    1. JP, this video is published for Sendloop, that’s why it says “Feb’14″. The Oempro v5 will be released in coming months, we will post a status update about Oempro v5 later.

  6. If everything is going to be release the 14th for Sendloop, how long we will have to wait as customers of Oempro to get this update? when it’s supposed to be released last year?
    Hope Octeth team can give us a good answer, because the only answer that we always get is “we do not have a date for update and soon in the next 12 months maybe we will release”. It will be great to see Oempro taking care of his customers as they should.

    1. Felipe, I wish I could give you some info about the planned release date but based on our release policy, we do not reveal release dates any more. Oempro v5 will be released within this year, not too far away, but exact date/month will not be announced until it’s ready. We will start our beta testing program for Oempro v5 in a few months and once Oempro v5 is ready for the release, we will announce it through all our channels to our ~120,000 followers. Cheers.

  7. Hi team, great and fast responses from you guys, this is nice.

    2 questions:

    - First: How I can apply for V5 beta tester? I’m a customer with an active subscription service.
    Second: When do you think the documentation will be updated? i can see your site http://octeth.com/help/ which look’s pretty nice, but it’s the same as the main website of Octeth.com, do you have any idea when this is going to be updated, and also when the API documentation and Plugin documentation is going to be updated?


    1. Thanks Felipe. We will contact all our Oempro v4.6 users who have active subscription in a few months regarding beta testing invitation.

      We will focus on the new documentation portal in March, we have some cool plans including a brand new API documentation, a kitchen-sink plugin example (will be released in Feb), some other improvements… Stay tuned…

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