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Multi-Threaded Send Engine Plugin for Oempro is released

Sending high-volume emails in a timely manner is always a problem. Especially, if you (or your customer) is sending hundred thousands of emails, this may take considerable amount of time…

Multi-Threaded Send Engine comes into the play at this point. You can dramatically boost your email sending speed with this unique plugin. This is a must-have plugin for ESP’s and high-volume senders.

Watch the following performance test comparing the standard send engine with the Multi-Threaded Send Engine plugin on a VirtualBox environment with 1 core, 512MB RAM, CentOS with PowerMTA.

For more information about Multi-Threaded Send Engine, visit the plugin page here.

Login Blocker plugin for Oempro is released

Our latest Oempro plugin – Login Blocker Plugin –  brings another security level to Oempro. As being the system owner (admin), you can now set failed login attempt thresholds for admin, user and client areas separately and block suspicious visitors on your system.

In addition to this security feature, you can also block access to your system from specific countries. (This feature requires GeoIP2 database).

Login Blocker is 100% free and open source. You can download it from Oempro Plugin Store and install it in seconds. To learn more and download, please visit Login Blocker plugin store page.

Oempro v4.7 released

We are excited to announce Oempro v4.7 release, which comes with a series of new features in addition to improvements and bug fixes.

You can learn more about the new features of Oempro v4.7 on our new “Whats new?” page.

Some key new features are;

Users and administrator can connect and call API commands with API keys instead of username/password. This brings another layer of security for API connections. Each user can create and manage multiple API keys for different integrations.

Mobile device ready JavaScript charts instead of Flash charts. Yes, that’s right, this was one of the most popular feature requests in our pool and it’s finally available in Oempro.

Personalization tags for custom email headers will make email tracking much easier for admins.

Oempro API can now be extended inside plugins. This is another popular new feature request which lets third party plugin developers to add their own API calls inside plugins.

In addition to these cool new features, several bugs have been fixed and improvements have been made. You can learn more about the changes on Oempro’s What’s New page.

Existing Oempro owners can download v4.7 release from the client area.

Landing Page Builder plugin for Oempro is released!

Okay, I must admit that this plugin was the most exciting plugin for us. We have been working on the backend of this plugin for a year and now it’s available for production!

Email Marketing is all about conversions. Without conversions, running email marketing campaigns is meaningless. You sell a product, you collect leads, you sell a service or you simply encourage your email recipients to contact you.

No matter what kind of conversion you are planning, pages that are linked from your emails are important and key factor on your conversions! Without a highly optimized and targeted website pages, those who click links inside your email will less convert.

Now you have a solution for your self and for your users. Landing Page Builder plugin will let you and your users to create awesome landing pages in just minutes, without coding a single HTML line. Simply drag and drop content blocks, build your landing page, edit the copywriting and that’s all.

Landing Page Builder plugin for Oempro

It’s so easy to use, it doesn’t require any programming or HTML skills to make landing pages.

If you are running email marketing service business over Oempro, then this plugin will be a great value added service for your customers and users. If you are using Oempro for your own use, you will be able to create landing pages for your email marketing campaigns on the fly.

Briefly, Landing Page Builder will save your and your users’ money and time…

To learn more, please visit the Landing Page Builder plugin page

For user guide, please visit the help article

Landing Page Builder plugin for Oempro

Email marketing is the best and the most effective marketing channel for increasing sales and customer base. Just like other marketing channels, conversion rates play a big role on getting the most from your email campaigns.

Emails with links to not-optimized website pages get lower conversion rates. For this reason, we are excited to announce the coming soon plugin; Landing Page Builder.

Landing Page Builder will let you to create awesome landing pages for your email campaigns on the fly, without need of any HTML coding. Simply drag content blogs and edit contents on the fly.

In just a few minutes, you will have your landing pages ready to be used with your email campaigns.

Landing Page Builder will be released on 28th March 2014 including several mobile device ready landing page templates. Below, you can watch the quick tour video of the Landing Page Builder:

Take a look at our available plugins as well as scheduled ones on our Plugin Store

Email Automation and Smart Subscribe plugins have been updated

Email Automation v1.1 has been released

In this update, we added new delivery methods including;

  • SMTP protocol support
  • “Save to directory”
  • PowerMTA pickup directory

In addition to these email delivery methods, reported bugs since the last version release have been fixed.

Email Automation plugin owners can download the latest plugin version for free inside their client area.

Smart Subscribe v1.0.1 has been released

This update is a minor update which adds capability to detect the jQuery version on the website page and if it’s an old version, it loads a newer version.

Latest Smart Subscribe plugin update can be downloaded from the client area.

What’s next week?

Before ending the week, here’s a quick update about the next week:

  • Oempro v4.6.4 release (minor update, bug fixes, new plugin hooks and small improvements)
  • Email Automation plugin v1.1 (new delivery methods such as SMTP, Mandrill and PowerMTA)
  • Smart Subscribe plugin v1.0.1 (minor update, small fixes)
  • Plugin Store Publisher Terms and Agreement

In addition to these four updates, we will be finalizing the development of the Landing Page Builder plugin for Oempro. An amazing plugin which will let Oempro users to create cool landing pages for their email campaigns.

We wish you a great weekend. Cheers.