Introducing Oempro multi-domain licenses

We are excited to introduce multi-domain licenses for Oempro. Until today, each purchased Oempro license could be installed and ran on one domain simultaneously.

But starting from today, you can purchase multi-domain licenses to install and run Oempro on different domains simultaneously.

This is an ideal licensing type for agencies and developers who are reselling Oempro to their customers.

For more information about the new Oempro pricing, please visit Oempro pricing page at

5 thoughts on “Introducing Oempro multi-domain licenses

  1. Hi, in the past one of the new feature of the upcoming oempre V5 esp version was the authenticate sender domain capability. Will you still add that feature or it is replaces by that new multi-domain licence?

  2. Yes, the SPF/DKIM to allow users to send email with customize (cname) sender domain, tracking links, unsub links, etc.


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