Introducing the Oempro Plugin Store

We are quite excited! Oempro is one of the most popular self-hosted email marketing and ESP software, that’s already being used by ten thousands of businesses all around the world.

And now, the feature set of Oempro can be enhanced with plugins! Our plugin store is now online and the first plugin is the Email Automation plugin.

Starting from the following weeks, we will be releasing new plugins such as;

  • Smart Subscribe Button plugin
  • SMS Marketer plugin
  • Multi-threaded Send Engine plugin
  • IP Reputation Monitoring plugin
  • Landing Page Builder plugin
  • aMember Integration plugin
  • Transaction Email Gateway plugin
  • WHMCS User Manager plugin

The good news is, our Plugin Store is also open to all third party developers. Later this week, we will publish our plugin development framework as well as detailed plugin development help articles to encourage third party developers develop Oempro plugins and reach the Oempro community through our Plugin Store.

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