Landing Page Builder plugin for Oempro

Email marketing is the best and the most effective marketing channel for increasing sales and customer base. Just like other marketing channels, conversion rates play a big role on getting the most from your email campaigns.

Emails with links to not-optimized website pages get lower conversion rates. For this reason, we are excited to announce the coming soon plugin; Landing Page Builder.

Landing Page Builder will let you to create awesome landing pages for your email campaigns on the fly, without need of any HTML coding. Simply drag content blogs and edit contents on the fly.

In just a few minutes, you will have your landing pages ready to be used with your email campaigns.

Landing Page Builder will be released on 28th March 2014 including several mobile device ready landing page templates. Below, you can watch the quick tour video of the Landing Page Builder:

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10 thoughts on “Landing Page Builder plugin for Oempro

  1. Looking good.

    one thing that boggles my mind. Seeing that you guys are using the drag and drop editor for this, how come we dont yet have an update on the normal editor? We ESP’s have to deal with a lot of negative input regarding the current outdated editor.

    So when will we see the normal editor being updated drag and drop?

    1. yes!! I also would like to see this new Editor!!!!! Any estimate to version 5?
      Where could I find more information about it!?

  2. What about forms (e.g. for lead generation) ?
    Will it be possible to create custom forms on landing page, with custom fields & validation?

    1. For the initial release, you will be able to add subscribe forms (linked to your Oempro mail lists). In coming updates, we will extend this feature to support more complex lead generation forms (based on customer feedback)

  3. I know you haven’t released this product yet but I have some ideas for this plugin. There are lots of landing page services out there as well so this could set you guys apart. Can you add like an exit popup / exit redirect feature. That would really help us in our markets and I’m sure will help others as well and set you guys apart. Anyways, can’t wait to try it out once it’s released. All the best!

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