Oempro v4.6.4 released

On 31st March 2014, we released Oempro v4.6.4 maintenance update which includes some important bug fixes as well as improvements.

Detailed list of changes can be found on our version change log page.

All Oempro users with active service subscription can download this update for free in the client area.

9 thoughts on “Oempro v4.6.4 released

  1. Happy to see the fixes :-)

    Any information on the Mandrill integration? I was just wondering because it’s already integrated in the automation plugin.

    1. Yes, Mandrill is fully supported in Email Automation plugin. Oempro can send emails through Mandrill and it will soon start supporting the data fetching from Mandrill soon. Cheers.

  2. Hi, I download the the new version and upgrade but, the Loading indicator during the import process is not working, I try with different browsers and accounts and nothing.
    I create a dummy db with 10k subscribers and nothing.

    What could be?

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