Oempro4: Beta Testers Wanted

We are quite excited for coming to the end of Oempro4 development life cycle. Oempro4 is going to be easier to use and more feature packed than the current v3 series.

In a month, Oempro4 will be ready for beta testing and we need 10 experienced email marketers to test and make it ready for production environments.

Oempro4 has been developed from scratch with latest techniques and now it offers:

  • Highly customizable and fully rebrandable user interface themes and templates
  • State-of-art plug-in backend. Now, everyone can develop their own plug-ins for any functionality
  • State-of-art campaign management
  • New user hierarchy and privilege backend (user roles)
  • Fully re-developed backend for the highest flexibility and customization options
  • New send engine for the best sending performance and stability
  • New bounce detection engine for the most hygene subscriber lists

We will start posting screen shots and casts from Oempro4 next week. So stay tuned on our blog and don’t forget to subscribe to our blog RSS feed.

We have only 10 slots for beta testers. So, please describe yourself and your experience with Oempro (or other email marketing softwares) as much as you can.

Beta testing will include 4 phases (Beta1, Beta2, Beta3 and Beta4) which will long 1 week each. We will be in close touch with beta testers during phases.

As a thanks to great efforts of our beta testers, we will provide special discounts on additional Oempro and plug-in licenses.

To participate in Oempro4 Beta Testing phase, please send an email to cem — at — octeth — dot — com

Oempro4 - Coming soon

4 thoughts on “Oempro4: Beta Testers Wanted

  1. Hello Cem,

    We are your existing client and would like to participate in Oempro4 Beta Testing. We have send the request in 13 Mar 2008, may I know do you receive our mail?

    Thank you.

  2. For: Oempro4 BetaTester

    We can be a good beta tester. I have 4000 list but it is atleast 10 different account around 6 states. I am currently using pommo.org and would like to test and use something different, more user friendly. Have 8 years of email experience.

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