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This documentation has been deprecated. We are migrating Oempro help articles to our new help portal. Take a look at more detailed help articles on our new help portal.

Email Requests

Your Oempro can accept the subscription and unsubscription requests through an email. If a user wants to subscribe or unsubscribe from a list they can send an email to a specified email addresses provided by the list owner and the user can send an email to this particular email with the pre-defined subject line for subscribing or unsubscribing.

The Oempro backend will fetch these emails either using POP or Email Piping/CLI based monitoring methods.

You can use the drop down and select the suitable method.

If you are selecting Email piping/CLI method you will need to provide the execute rights for the cli module called "requests.php" found under the "/path_to_oempro/cli/" directory.

If you select POP3/IMAP Connection then you will need to populate the hostname, port and username password for the pop3/imap account.

Here you can enter a pre-defined value such as userid, users email id, users group id. This field will accept the personalization tag for userid, users email, and users group id.
Define the host name of your pop3 or imap server
Define the port for your server depending on the pop3 or imap protocol you select
The username for your pop3/imap account
Password for your pop3/imap account
SSL Connection
Tick this option only if your server requires SSL connection