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This documentation has been deprecated. We are migrating Oempro help articles to our new help portal. Take a look at more detailed help articles on our new help portal.


Oempro allows you to customize the default user interface language, usage of captcha protection in admin/user areas and other related options.

To set these preferences go to Settings > Preferences

Default Langauge
This will allow you to choose the appropriate default language which will be used to render public sections (ex: login screens, operation success screens) etc.
Admin Captcha
Enable this function to shown CAPTCHA verification image for administrators area login screen. If you are using the API to make the calls to Oempro - it is important to turn off your captcha settings for admin area.
User Captcha
Enable this function to show CAPTCHA verification for user area login screens.
Execute Cron
You can enable this and set it to Yes so that the send engine is executed on every request to the user area web pages.
Forbidden Emails
Enter the email addresses you wish to ban from users when setting their from email addresses. You can enter the email address on a new line for multiple entries. (Ex: *, *
User area footer
You can use this field to customize the user area footer - to show the support links or any other information you wish to display it to the users using your system.

Once you are done populating the options click on the "Update Preferences" button and save your preferences.