Smart Subscribe plugin released

We are excited to announce the release of Smart Subscribe plugin which helps you to get more mail list subscribers on your website and blog pages.

Why don’t you convert specific links on your website pages to a mail list subscribe button? Or why don’t you display a subscribe box once visitor scroll downs on your blog or starts reading a specific content on your website page?

Smart Subscribe plugin is a highly effective list nurturing tool which you and your customers will be using every day…

Smart Subscribe plugin requires Oempro v4.6.3 and higher version and it takes only a few seconds to install it.

Coming next week: Smart Subscribe Plug-in

A successful email marketing starts with lead building. Oempro’s new Smart Subscribe Plug-in allows you to collect leads much efficiently. This plugin will boost your new lead subscription rates amazingly.

For example, you will be able to display a mail list subscribe form on the corner of the screen when visitor scrolls your website page. Or you will be able to trigger a subscription form whenever a link is clicked on the page.

Oempro Smart Subscribe Button Plugin

Stay tuned… Smart Subscribe Plugin is going to be released on our Plugin Store next week and it will be $49.

Introducing the Oempro Plugin Store

We are quite excited! Oempro is one of the most popular self-hosted email marketing and ESP software, that’s already being used by ten thousands of businesses all around the world.

And now, the feature set of Oempro can be enhanced with plugins! Our plugin store is now online and the first plugin is the Email Automation plugin.

Starting from the following weeks, we will be releasing new plugins such as;

  • Smart Subscribe Button plugin
  • SMS Marketer plugin
  • Multi-threaded Send Engine plugin
  • IP Reputation Monitoring plugin
  • Landing Page Builder plugin
  • aMember Integration plugin
  • Transaction Email Gateway plugin
  • WHMCS User Manager plugin

The good news is, our Plugin Store is also open to all third party developers. Later this week, we will publish our plugin development framework as well as detailed plugin development help articles to encourage third party developers develop Oempro plugins and reach the Oempro community through our Plugin Store.

Some screen shots from the Email Automation plugin and pricing

While we are approaching to the release of our Email Automation plugin, we just wanted to share two more screen shots with you; from the message create and reporting sections:

Message Create Page Message Report Page

This plugin will let your users to create “smart” emails and send them to the right people at the right time. In addition, your users will get detailed reports about their messages including email open rates, link click statistics, optouts and geo-location detections (additional IP location database must be purchased from MaxMind) Continue reading

Introducing Oempro multi-domain licenses

We are excited to introduce multi-domain licenses for Oempro. Until today, each purchased Oempro license could be installed and ran on one domain simultaneously.

But starting from today, you can purchase multi-domain licenses to install and run Oempro on different domains simultaneously.

This is an ideal licensing type for agencies and developers who are reselling Oempro to their customers.

For more information about the new Oempro pricing, please visit Oempro pricing page at

A quick look to the upcoming drag and drop email builder

Okay, it’s time to showcase our coming soon drag and drop email builder… Below, you can watch a 1-minute showcase of our new email builder, which is going to be available with Oempro v5 release soon…

Our new email builder includes lots of new features including drag and drop content blocks, drag and drop inline image uploads, customizable themes, lots of content blocks including call to actions, block quotes and many more…

We are currently testing our new email builder on Sendloop hosted email marketing service with a group of beta testers and it will be available in Oempro v5 soon…

Coming on 10th Feb 2014: Email Automation Plugin for Oempro

Update: We have decided to postpone release of email automation plugin for a week to have some more time to add some cool additional features such as user specific limits, detailed administrator (system owner) reports and Mailgun integration. Email automation plugin will be released on 10th Feb’14.

That’s right, on 3rd 10th February 2014, our latest Oempro plugin, Email Automation is going to be released. This plugin will make Oempro not only a mass email marketing and list management software, it will also make it a highly effective, next generation email automation system for your and your customers’ business.

Email Automation plugin will let your users to set “event triggered” smart emails. This is fantastic solution for any website owner that has membership/user system such as SaaS, e-commerce sites, blogs, forums, etc. Continue reading